Laravel Auditing

Record the change log from models in Laravel
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Clockwork5,0084958515 days ago106September 25, 202260mitPHP
Clockwork - php dev tools in your browser - server-side component
Tracker2,7833944 months ago72September 27, 2020196mitPHP
Laravel Stats Tracker
Laravel Auditing2,6221225014 days ago117July 29, 202216mitPHP
Record the change log from models in Laravel
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2 days ago31September 16, 20223mitPHP
Fast and beautiful Log Viewer for Laravel
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An out the box activity logger for your Laravel or Lumen application. Laravel logger is an activity event logger for your laravel application. It comes out the box with ready to use with dashboard to view your activity. Laravel logger can be added as a middleware or called through a trait. This package is easily configurable and customizable. Supports Laravel 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 6, and 7+
Clockwork Chrome417
4 years ago3CSS
Clockwork - php dev tools integrated to your browser - Chrome extension
Laravel Query Logger3873354 months ago19February 10, 2022PHP
:pencil: A dev tool to log all queries for laravel application.
Log Fake3693174 months ago14May 08, 2022mitPHP
A drop in fake logger for testing with the Laravel framework.
Laravel Log Enhancer342134 months ago12February 16, 2022mitPHP
Make debugging easier by adding more data to your laravel logs (Laravel 5.6+)
Alternatives To Laravel Auditing
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This package will help you understand changes in your Eloquent models, by providing information about possible discrepancies and anomalies that could indicate business concerns or suspect activities.

Laravel Auditing allows you to keep a history of model changes by simply using a trait. Retrieving the audited data is straightforward, making it possible to display it in various ways.

Official Documentation

For more information on how to use the package, please refer to our official documentation available on or in the repository documentation file. Our documentation provides detailed instructions on how to install and use the package, as well as examples and best practices for auditing in Laravel applications.

Thank you for choosing OwenIt\LaravelAuditing!

Version Information

Version Illuminate Status PHP Version
13.x 7.x.x - 10.x.x Active support 🚀 > = 7.3 | 8.0
12.x 6.x.x - 9.x.x Active support > = 7.3 | 8.0
11.x 5.8.x - 8.x.x End of life > = 7.3
10.x 5.8.x - 7.x.x End of life > = 7.2.5
9.x 5.8.x - 6.x.x End of life > = 7.1.3
8.x 5.2.x - 5.7.x End of life > = 7.0.13
7.x 5.2.x - 5.6.x End of life > = 7.0.13
6.x 5.2.x - 5.6.x End of life > = 7.0.13
5.x 5.2.x - 5.5.x End of life > = 7.0.13
4.x 5.2.x - 5.5.x End of life > = 5.5.9
3.x 5.2.x - 5.4.x End of life > = 5.5.9
2.x 5.1.x - 5.3.x End of life > = 5.5.9


Please see the contributing entry for more details.



The Laravel Auditing package is open source software licensed under the MIT LICENSE.

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