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ğŸ’Ž node-sketch

Javascript library to manipulate sketch files

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npm install node-sketch


const ns = require('node-sketch');

async function run() {
    const sketch = await + '/design.sketch');

    //Search the symbol named 'button'
    const buttonSymbol = sketch.symbolsPage.get('symbolMaster', 'button');

    //Search all instances of a symbol named 'old-button' and replace it with 'button'
    const firstPage = sketch.pages[0];
        .getAll('symbolInstance', instance => === 'old-button')
        .forEach(instance => instance.symbolMaster = buttonSymbol);

    //Save the result'modified-design.sketch')
        .then(console.log('File saved!!'));



Two classes are used to manage sketch files:


Represents the sketch file and contains all data (pages, symbols, styles, shapes, etc). Contains the method .save() to create a sketch file with the result.

const ns = require('node-sketch');'input.sketch').then(sketch => {
    sketch.document           // document data
    sketch.meta               // meta data
    sketch.user               // user data
    sketch.pages              // array with all pages
    sketch.symbolsPage        // the Symbols page
    sketch.layerStyles        // array with the layer styles
    sketch.textStyles         // array with the text styles
    sketch.colors             // array containing the colors stored in the color palette
    sketch.gradients          // array containing the gradients stored in the gradient palette
    sketch.symbols            // array with all symbols stored in the document

    sketch.foreignSymbols     // array with the symbols loaded from external libraries
    sketch.foreignLayerStyles // array with the layer styles loaded from external libraries
    sketch.foreignTextStyles  // array with the text styles loaded from external libraries'output.sketch');


It's the base class used by all other elements. Any page, symbol, color, etc is an instance of this class.

const symbolsPage = sketch.symbolsPage;

console.log(symbolsPage instanceof Node); //true 

//It include useful methods to search an inner node by class:
const button = symbolsPage.get('symbolMaster');

//by class and name
const button = symbolsPage.get('symbolMaster', 'button');

//by class and callback
const button = symbolsPage.get('symbolMaster', symbol => === 'button');

//Just a callback
const button = symbolsPage.get(node => node._class === 'symbolMaster' && === 'button');

//And the same than above but returning all inner nodes instead just the first:
const allSymbols = symbolsPage.getAll('symbolMaster');

There are other classes extending Node to provide special funcionalities in some nodes, like Style or SymbolInstance.

JSON Scheme

Technically, the sketch format consist in a zip with some json files. To manipulate a sketch file with this library, you need to know the scheme of json. You can use this code to read and extract a sketch file into a directory, in order to inspect the json scheme:

const ns = require('../');'demo.sketch').then(sketch => sketch.saveDir('demo'));

Here you can see an example of extracted file


Starting from v0.14.0, the command node-sketch was included to use the library from CLI. You only need a file named node-sketch.js exporting the function to manipulate a sketch file. For example:

module.exports = sketch => {
    //Convert the text style names to uppercase
    sketch.textStyles.forEach(textStyle => { =;

To execute this script with the sketch file my-styles.sketch, run node-sketch my-styles.sketch. By default, the file is readed, but not saved. If you want to override the file with the modifications, run node-sketch my-styles.sketch --save.

And to execute a script file with a different name, use the --script argument: node-sketch my-styles.sketch --script=my-script.js --save.

See the API detailed

Or build it locally with npm run docs

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