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sketch-json Build Status

Transform sketch files to json and json to sketch files


$ yarn add sketch-json


const sketchJson = require('sketch-json')

sketchJson.toJson().then(() => console.log('Done!'))
// => Done!

sketchJson.toSketch().then(() => console.log('Done!'))
// => Done!

How it works

Different from sketch2json, with sketch-json you can transform json to sketch and sketch to json.

sketch-json will generate the json files by zipping the sketch file and decompressing it. By doing that a sketch folder will be generated with all json files

The idea of this libraries is to prepare json files to be pushed/pull to github/gitlab/etc. Version control for designers!

Versioning design




Returns a promise
Transform Sketch files to json


Returns a promise
Transform json files to Sketch



MIT © Bu Kinoshita

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