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A React Native component which renders HTML content as native views。 Welcome everybody fork!!!



npm install react-native-orzhtml-htmlview --save or yarn add react-native-orzhtml-htmlview

For React Native 0.60.0 or higher.

npm install react-native-fast-image --save or yarn add react-native-fast-image

npm install teaset --save or yarn add teaset

For React Native <= 0.59.x use version 6.1.1 or lower

npm install [email protected] --save or yarn add [email protected]

npm install [email protected] --save or yarn add [email protected]

Mostly automatic installation

react-native link react-native-fast-image


In the react-native-orzhtml-htmlview package directory:

cd example

npm install // or yarn

react-native link

To run example on iOS:

react-native run-ios

To run example on Android:

react-native run-android


Prop Description Type Required/Default
onError 错误 func console.error.bind(console)
RootComponent 根组件 func element => <View {...element} />
globalColor 默认字体样式 string #222
style 父容器样式 style
stylesheet html标签样式 object
html html string
fontSize 字体大小 string normal
imagesMaxWidth 图片最大宽度 number Dimensions.get('window').width
popover 长按文本段落显示pop array []
onImagePress 点击图片 func () => {}
onLongPress 长按文本段落 func () => {}
onMarkPress 点击标记 func () => {}
onVideoPlay 点击视频回调 func () => {} / 返回视频 url 地址
errorImgSource 图片加载失败 object { uri: '' }
debug 调试模式 bool false


当前 v2.0.0 版本已经移除 video 组件,文章需要显示 video,只会显示 video 的 poster 图片,点击视频播放按钮,会返回视频的 url,在 example 里面有对应的例子。

需要在文章内直接播放视频,请安装 v1.0.11 版本。

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