Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


My main working machine setup. Here be cyber dragons, and optional bugs.

Specs & Configuration

The links in the following text lead to my configuration files and other interesting information.

Currently my main machine is a Dell XPS 7590. I run Arch Linux and use yay as a package manager wrapper. I use i3 as my tiling manager (desktop environment) with i3bar. My shell is Zsh with zinit as my shell plugin manager. Alacritty is my terminal emulator with tmux on top for terminal window management. I code with Neovim, with vim-plug as the plugin manager.

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Shell (229,055
Lua (42,671
Bash (7,143
Dotfiles (6,725
Zsh (3,358
Neovim (2,578
Archlinux (1,576
Vimrc (1,410
I3 (681
I3wm (633
Systemd (544
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