Generate docx, pptx, and xlsx from templates (Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents), from Node.js, the Browser and the command line / Demo: #docx #office #generator #templating #report #json #generate #generation #template #create #pptx #docx #xlsx #react #vuejs #angularjs #browser #typescript #image #html #table #chart
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Sheetjs32,8674,3792,297a month ago170March 24, 2022129apache-2.0JavaScript
📗 SheetJS Spreadsheet Data Toolkit -- New home
10 days ago206Java
Handsontable17,8873621695 hours ago87September 22, 2022447otherJavaScript
JavaScript data grid with a spreadsheet look & feel. Works with React, Angular, and Vue. Supported by the Handsontable team ⚡
Ag Grid10,0993233324 hours ago59August 23, 202268otherTypeScript
The best JavaScript Data Table for building Enterprise Applications. Supports React / Angular / Vue / Plain JavaScript.
Vue Easytable3,319403615 days ago120September 23, 202252mitJavaScript
A powerful data table based on vuejs. You can use it as data grid、Microsoft Excel or Google sheets. It supports virtual scroll、cell edit etc.
2 days ago210mitC#
.NetCore+Vue2/Vue3+Element plus+uniapp前后端分离,全自动生成代码;支持移动端(uniapp)ios/android/h5/微信小程序。
Docxtemplater2,4911847710 days ago245August 30, 20227otherJavaScript
Generate docx, pptx, and xlsx from templates (Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents), from Node.js, the Browser and the command line / Demo: #docx #office #generator #templating #report #json #generate #generation #template #create #pptx #docx #xlsx #react #vuejs #angularjs #browser #typescript #image #html #table #chart
Revogrid2,385132 days ago276September 06, 2022143mitTypeScript
Powerful virtual data grid smartsheet with advanced customization. Best features from excel plus incredible performance 🔋
Vue Handsontable Official751432 years ago5March 06, 2019mitTypeScript
Vue Data Grid with Spreadsheet Look & Feel. Official Vue wrapper for Handsontable.
Vue Json Excel6175228a year ago43October 05, 202066mitVue
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docxtemplater is a library to generate docx/pptx documents from a docx/pptx template. It can replace {placeholders} with data and also supports loops and conditions. The templates can be edited by non-programmers, for example your clients.

docxtemplater is very robust because of the many fixed issues over the years, and the high quality of tests and code.


Demo Site



The full documentation of the latest version can be found here.

See for information about how to migrate from older versions.


Functionality can be added with the following paid modules :

  • Image module to add a given image with the syntax: {%image};
  • Html Module to insert formatted text in a docx document with the syntax {~html};
  • XLSX Module to be able to do templating on Excel files (xlsx extension), also with loops and conditions;
  • Chart Module to replace a chart by using data from the JSON object that you give with the syntax {$chart};
  • Html-Pptx Module to insert formatted text in a pptx document with the syntax {~html};
  • Error Location Module to show the errors in the template using Word comments
  • Slides Module to create multiple slides dynamically with the syntax {:users};
  • Subtemplate Module to include an external docx file inside a given docx file with the syntax {:include doc};
  • Subsection Module to include subsections (headers/footers) from an other document with the syntax {:subsection doc};
  • Subtemplate-pptx Module to include an external pptx file inside a given pptx file with the syntax {:include doc};
  • Word-Run Module to include raw runs (<w:r>) inside the document with the syntax {[email protected]}. This makes it possible to include styled text without having to remove the enclosing paragraph like in the {@rawXml} tag;
  • QrCode Module to replace an image, keeping any existing properties;
  • Table Module to create tables from two dimensional data using the syntax {:table data};
  • Meta Module to make a document readonly, add a text watermark or update the margins;
  • Styling Module restyle a paragraph, a cell or a table depending on some data using the syntax {:stylepar style};
  • Footnotes Module to be able to add footnotes to a document using the syntax {:footnotes foot}
  • Paragraph Placeholder Module to simplify conditions that should show or hide a given paragraph using the syntax {?tag}

About docxtemplater

Docxtemplater is my main job, and has been maintained for over 8 years. Expect to get great support if you buy any modules, and also good support on the open-source version.

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