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Placid is a Craft plugin which makes it easy to use REST services in your twig templates, whether thats getting a twitter feed, showing off dribbble shots or getting the weather, Placid has you covered.


  • Send PUSH, POST, PATCH, GET requests to an API
  • Define your own access tokens to send with requests
  • Integrates with the Dukt OAuth plugin
  • Send requests via AJAX
  • Easily retrieve information about each requests response
  • Modify requests before they are sent, within your template.

Installing / Updating



Basic example

Assuming you had your request set up like in the example above. You just need to do this:

{% set timeline = craft.placid.request('timeline', options) %}

{# Get the http status code that was sent from Twitter #}
{{ timeline.status }}

{% for tweet in %}
  {{ tweet.text }}
{% endfor %}

For full instructions on how to use, refer to the wiki

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