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What is OfficeLife

If a company wants to have a complete 360 view of what’s happening inside its walls, it needs to buy and configure a lot of tools. There is a tool for every specific aspect of a company: HR, project management, time tracking, holidays and time offs, team management, One on Ones,... There isn't a software available today, that combine all of them together in a simple way.

Not only buying and configuring all those software is a time-consuming process, but it also costs a lot of money - especially for smaller companies with a limited budget. Moreover, most of the SAAS out there have a let's-call-us-and-talk-for-an-hour-before-you-can-see-what-the-pricing-will-look-like-for-you policy, which most people hate and that we refuse to follow.

OfficeLife is born to offer a solution to these problems.

To have more information about the project, check the documentation:

Requirements for hosting the software

  • PHP 8.0 or higher,
  • the PHP's intl extension,
  • a database engine: preferrably mySQL or SQLite. PostegreSQL should work, in theory.
  • a http server: Nginx, Apache, Caddy, etc...
  • We recommend Forge or Ploi to provision the servers needed to run OfficeLife. Heroku should work too.

Requirements for development

  • Composer,
  • Node and Yarn,
  • A knowledge of how Laravel, VueJS and InertiaJS work. OfficeLife is a complex Laravel application, with a lot of queues and cron jobs.

State of the project (as of April 10th, 2021)

We are not yet ready for production. We've been developing this project for more than 2 years now and we are close to launch a beta version. We expect to launch during the summer (sooner if possible, but... life happens).

  • If you find any bugs, please file them by creating a new issue.
  • Please don't submit new big ideas for now. We want to do a million other things with OfficeLife already. However, we seek feedback on the current features and how we could make them more useful.
  • We have a documentation portal, that we slowly build: It has a lot of content already, but we plan of adding much more before launching in beta.

Core team

OfficeLife is made by @djaiss and @asbiin.

We've made another project called @monicahq.


OfficeLife is open-sourced software licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. Don't be a jerk.

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