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Home Assistant Configuration

Home Assistant configuration files.

Some detailed information about setting various parts of this up on DIY Futurism.

My HA is an Hassbian install on a Raspberry Pi 3 with an GoControl Z-Wave/Zigbee USB stick.

Running HA version: 0.50.1





Tracking with:

  • Owntracks - 'significant changes' mode, iBeacon
  • HomeAssistant iOS app - enable location tracking, enable iBeacon
  • ping - Is my phone pingable on my network?
  • Bluetooth

I use a python script to filter 'home' and 'not_home' signals by platform.

  • All platforms update 'home'
  • Only GPS platforms (Owntracks, iOS app) update 'not_home'
    • Delayed by 10 minutes to avoid turning everything off on quick dog walks / bodega runs
  • Retain the most recent GPS coordinates and battery state regardless of platform

This script creates a new device_tracker with the most recent information and state, using the most platforms in the most reliable way.

Position in house is located using variable.last_motion

Screenshot Screenshot


  • Alarm
    • Alarm Away - when no one is home
    • Alarm Home - when coming home
    • TTS Announce Disarm, Pending, and Armed Status
    • Audible Alert when Front Door opens and Armed Home
    • Trigger Alarm - Notify with security camera photo if Door Opened, "Presence Detected" announcement
  • Alarm Clock
    • Make Morning Coffee when Alarm goes off
    • Alarm Clock - turn on lights and radio to wake me up
    • TTS Annouce Weather & other Info
    • UI - change default view to show commute times, weather info during morning
  • Aquarium
    • Turn on 30 mins before sunrise and 1 hour after
    • Turn on 1 hour before sunset, turn off 4 hours after or at 10PM (whichever is first)
  • Climate
    • Indoor Temperature & Humidity is a mean of all available sensors (using min_max component)
  • IFTT Integration
    • When plants need to be watered, add them to my Todoist todo list
    • If Fitbit logs new sleep but no alarm is set, wake house up
    • Withings weigh in before bed 9pm - 12am, start goodnight sequence
  • Lights
    • Flux - adjust color temp based on time (currently Tradfri lights only)
    • Sunset - 40m before sunset, turn on evening lights
    • Day - during day turn on day dim lights and throttle Transmission
    • Evening - turn on dim lights if I come home after 10pm
    • After Midnight - turn on red lights if I come home 12a-430a
    • Turn everything off when no one's home
    • Turn Closet lights on/off by motion detector
    • Turn Bathroom lights on/off by motion detector (off 12a-8:30a)
    • Turn Office Lights on/off by motion detector
    • Turn Crawl space light on/off by door sensor
    • Turn kitchen lamps on/off using wall switch
    • Turn on office lamps using switch
    • Night Light - Kitchen on motion
  • Media
    • Dim house lights when Plex starts playing
    • Turn on bathroom lights & lamp when movie pausd
    • Fade house lights up when Plex stops
    • Turns off bandwidth throttling for Transmission/sabnzbd when I'm away from home
  • Python Scripts
    • - input_boolean for lights on/off, counts lights and switches on
      • Does not count nightlights
    • - Consolidate device tracking into one entity, only use GPS platforms for 'not_home'
    • - Count number of plants that need attention
  • Notifications
    • Alarm - security photo if door opens when armed_away
    • Alarm Clock - send weather summary and image from window camera when alarm goes off
    • Security - send image from front door camera if no one's home and door opens
    • Reminder - If I'm home at 10:30pm and coffee isn't ready but alarm is set, remind me
    • Reminder - Full moon
    • Plants - Once a day reminder to water plants if more than 3 are thirsty
    • System - Notify if disk use gets high
    • System - Notify if new HA version available
    • System - Notify when critical smart home device goes offline for more than 5 minutes
  • Timelapse - record JPEGs of sunrise/sunset

House Modes

  • Alarm Override - Turns off all alarm automations, sound effects, and alerts.
  • Night Light Override - Prevents red night lights from coming on
  • Vacation Mode
  • Guest Mode

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