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This NoDevFee program for Windows is still working but no longer maintained. Please checkout Next Generation NoFee (aka nofee-ng) at

ETH (Ethereum) Mining Software: NoDevFee Edition

These are the core files for NoDevFee mining software. And they CAN NOT be used stand alone. Instead, you should use them with the other ETH mining software such as PheonixMiner, Gminer, or Claymore. You can also download the bundled package in the release page.

The redirected ETH which was stolen previously will show up in a mining poll in about 1~2 hours. Please be patient!

Make sure you change the wallet address in config.txt and nodevfeeWallet.txt.

This software can be used together the famous PhoenixMiner mining software etc.

As stated by the software author, the original mining software and its derivatives will steal about 1~2% of your ETH to its author which is called DevFee. In this edition I added a new feature: NoDevFee. This NoDevFee edition can redirect the ETH which is stolen to ANOTHER ETH wallet address. Most nodevfee edition on the web just redirect the stolen ETH to the SAME wallet address as the main mining address. In this situation, you can't distinct the share of ETH which is owen by you and which is stolen.


  1. Change the file config.txt:
  • EthDcrMiner64.exe/PhoenixMiner.exe or whatever the actual name of the miner, this is also used to inject into the windows process so be careful
  • -epool is the mining pool address
  • -ewal is your main ETH wallet address
  • -eworker is the miner's name which defaults to your computer name
  • -epsw: do not change it
  • Other arguments please refer to the Readme of your mining software
  1. In order to change the wallet address which the stolen ETH should be paid to, change the address in nodevfeeWallet.txt. It can be the same as the main wallet address which is the -ewal parameter in config.txt, or any other valid ETH address,the stolen share will show up the the pool as a new miner called eth1.0 (Some pools won't transfer to this address because they consider it a devfee address. In this situation, please contact the pool for support).
  2. After all parameters set, double click startup.exe to start. This executable will launch the original mining software and the NoDevFee interceptor at the same time.
  3. If you want this software to start when Windows boots, creat a shortcut for startup.exe, and type shell:startup in address bar the explorer, and finally copy the shortcut to the directory. CAUTION: You should copy the SHORTCUT to the directory, not the ORIGINAL .exe!!!
  4. If the redirection is successfully intercepted, you will see Claymore-nodevfee vXXX in the mining window. And in the nodevfee.exe window you will see things like "EthDcrMiner64.exe" [1416] -> "nodevfee.dll".





使用前请确保您已更改 config.txtnodevfeeWallet.txt 中的钱包地址




  1. 修改配置文件config.txt,参数说明如下:
  • ethdcrminer64/PhoenixMiner 或者所有其它实际的挖矿软件程序名,需注意的是,这也是Windows所要拦截的进程,因此不能写错
  • -epool后面为矿池地址
  • -ewal为ETH主钱包地址
  • -eworker为矿工名,默认为计算机名
  • -epsw参数不要改
  • 其它参数请参考挖矿软件的Readme说明
  1. 要修改劫持回来的钱包的地址,请修改nodevfeeWallet.txt里的地址,可以改成和config.txt中-ewal参数一样的主钱包地址,也可以用另外的地址,劫持回来的算力将以矿工名eth1.0显示(有些矿池会认为这是劫持地址,而不会对此地址转账,遇到此情况,请联系相应的矿池处理)
  2. 设置好参数后双击startup.exe启动,该程序的作用是同时启动挖掘程序和反抽水软件
  3. 如果需要自动启动,请给startup.exe创建快捷方式,在资源管理器中输入shell:startup,并把快捷方式放到该目录下,注意:是“快捷方式”,不是原来的.exe!!!
  4. 如果反抽水成功,你将在挖矿主程序开始的时候看到以下版本信息:Claymore-nodevfee vXXX。在另一个nodevfee.exe窗口看到类似如下信息:"EthDcrMiner64.exe" [1416] -> "nodevfee.dll"

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