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NixOS boxes for Vagrant

NixOS is a linux distribution based on a purely functional package manager. This project builds vagrant .box images.




vagrant init nixos/nixos-18.09-i686
# or
vagrant init nixos/nixos-18.09-x86_64

Also have a look at the accompanying nixos vagrant plugin:

Building the images

First install packer and virtualbox.

Three packer builders are currently supported:

  • Virtualbox
  • qemu / libvirt
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V

Have a look at the different make build target to build your image.

If you build on a host that does not support Makefile, here are some examples:

packer build --only=virtualbox-iso nixos-i686.json
packer build --only=qemu nixos-x86_64.json
packer build --only=vmware-iso nixos-x86_64.json
packer build --only=hyperv-iso nixos-x86_64.json

The vagrant .box image is now ready to go and you can use it in vagrant:

vagrant box add nixbox32
# or
vagrant box add nixbox64

Updating the ISO urls

To update the ISO urls to the latest release run: make update


If you build on a Windows OS, please make sure you keep the unix file encoding of the generated configuration files (see issue #30


Copyright 2015 under the MIT

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