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My i3 configuration with polybar for HiDPI screen (4k). demo image Since I use many computers, the main intent of this repository is to keep my configuration files somewhere. Even if there is more than only the i3 and polybar configuration, I've decided to keep this title, because is exactly what I was searching for a lot of time ago. Here I'll also write about the problems (and the solutions) I've found, putting the code directly in the readme.



  • Temperature
  • Memory usage
  • IP address with dw/up speed
  • Volume and luminosity (use mouse wheel to increase or decrease)
  • Battery
  • Currently played Spotify song


The configuration is pretty similar to the one of Manjaro i3, with some personalization.


I use rofi to start applications and move around opened windows with this options: rofi -combi-modi window#drun -show combi -modi combi -show-icons

Daily desktop background update and usage in i3lock updates desktop image daily, based on the National geographic image of the day (maybe some additional dependencies are needed)

crontab -e
#insert this line to execute the script every 10 min
*/10 * * * *   DISPLAY=:0 path/to/ > /tmp/ng_wpp

Then I use this image for i3lock. This is the script I use to launch i3lock:

#get last image
i3lock -i $(ls -d -t ~/Pictures/NationalGeographics/* | head -1)
sleep 1
exit 0


I'm absolutely not an expert. The vimrc inside the vim folder helps me to be a little bit more productive. There you can also find some notes about commands I usually use, and often forget about.


You probably have to replace some path (try find . -type f -exec grep -l "path/to" {} \;)

Update: I've recently added the configuration of my other laptop. demo image

Inspiration from:

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