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Cloudflare DDNS Updater

Use Cloudflare a DDNS provider with this tool on crontab.

$> ./cf-ddns --help
usage: cf-ddns --cf-email=CF-EMAIL --cf-api-key=CF-API-KEY --cf-zone-id=CF-ZONE-ID [<flags>] <hostnames>...

Cloudflare DynDNS Updater

  --help                   Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  --ip-address=IP-ADDRESS  Skip resolving external IP and use provided IP
  --no-verify              Don't verify ssl certificates
  --cf-email=CF-EMAIL      Cloudflare Email
  --cf-api-key=CF-API-KEY  Cloudflare API key
  --cf-zone-id=CF-ZONE-ID  Cloudflare Zone ID

  <hostnames>  Hostnames to update

Compiling for MIPS (Ubnt Edgerouter Lite)

GOOS=linux GOARCH=mips64 go build -o cf-ddns-mips64
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