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Deprecated - please switch to the official SDK

This is deprecated as Kontist is now providing an official SDK, please see and


This repository is not an official repository of the Kontist GmbH. It connects to a currently undocumented REST API.

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What does it do?

We provide

  1. a command line tool and
  2. a JavaScript API.

Currently it can fetch transactions, transfers, statements and can create and confirm new transfers.

Please note that this project is in a early stage and support is welcome.

How to use the CLI


  • node and npm installed
  • Install with npm install @netnexus/ikontist
  • Add your Kontist username and password either to ENVs called KONTIST_USER and KONTIST_PASSWORD or a .env file (just rename .env-template to .env and replace the credentials).


node cli.js transaction list json

will return

        "amount": 100,
        "bookingDate": "2016-12-16T00:00:00.000Z",
        "bookingType": "SEPA_CREDIT_TRANSFER",
        "category": null,
        "e2eId": "NOTPROVIDED",
        "foreignCurrency": null,
        "from": null,
        "iban": "DEXXXXX",
        "id": 4711,
        "name": "Foo, Bar",
        "originalAmount": null,
        "pendingFrom": null,
        "purpose": "Fancy Friday, Baby",
        "to": 3214,
        "type": null,
        "valutaDate": "2016-12-16T00:00:00.000Z",
        "paymentMethod": "bank_account"
node cli.js transaction list qif

will return

PExample GmbH

So an easy way to create a qif export would be:

node cli.js transaction list qif > my-account.qif

To start a transfer you can use transfer init and transfer confirm:

# init transfer of 1€ to John Doe
node cli.js transfer init "John Doe" DE89370400440532013000 100 "test description"

# wait for sms with token (e.g. 252899)
node cli.js transfer confirm 252899

On macOS you can even use the --auto option with init to poll iMessages for the tan and automatically confirm the transfer:

# install peer dependency
npm i osa-imessage

# init and auto confirm transfer of 1€ to John Doe
node cli.js transfer init "John Doe" DE89370400440532013000 100 "test description" --auto

See more commands with

node cli.js --help

How to use the API

After instantiation of the class you need to login with your Kontist username and password, e.g.

const ikontist = require("kontist-client");
const client = new ikontist.KontistClient();
client.login(process.env.KONTIST_USER, process.env.KONTIST_PASSWORD).then(function() {
    // do further calls to kontist here

Of course you can use import instead of require:

import { KontistClient } from "@netnexus/ikontist";
const client = new KontistClient();

Please have a look at the kontist-client.js. Currently it provides methods for the following endpoints:

client.login(email, password)
client.getTransactions(accountId, limit)
client.getFutureTransactions(accountId, limit)
client.getTransfers(accountId, limit)
client.initiateTransfer(accountId, recipient, iban, amount, note)
client.confirmTransfer(accountId, transferId, authorizationToken, recipient, iban, amount, note)
client.getStatement(accountId, year, month)

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