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9 months ago4gpl-3.0C++
A Midi Sequencer for Linux / SDL optimized for Touchscreen
Blip Buf5
3 years agolgpl-2.1C++
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Pong Clock1
8 years agoC++
An implementation of a Pong Clock (c++/sdl2)
6 years agoPython
Python 3 and SDL BCD (binary-coded decimal) Clock
Chip8 Emu1
4 years agoKotlin
Chip 8 emulator written in Kotlin Native and SDL
Gimx Mingw Packages1
4 years agoShell
Nim Binary1
3 years agoNim
A 24-hour binary clock in Nim using SDL2, both BCD and full binary modes
Nim Christmas1
3 years agoNim
A triangular 12-hour clock in Nim using SDL2
Nim Fibo1
3 years agoNim
A Fibonacci 12-hour clock in Nim using SDL2
9 years agoC++
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blip_buf $vers: Band-Limited Audio Buffer ----------------------------------------- Blip_buf is a small waveform synthesis library meant for use in classic video game sound chip emulation. It greatly simplifies sound chip emulation code by handling all the details of resampling. The emulator merely sets the input clock rate and output sample rate, adds waveforms by specifying the clock times where their amplitude changes, then reads the resulting output samples. For a more full-features synthesis library, get Blip_Buffer. * Simple C interface and usage. * Several code examples, including simple sound chip emulator. * Uses fast, high-quality band-limited resampling algorithm (BLEP). * Output is low-pass and high-pass filtered and clamped to 16-bit range. * Supports mono, stereo, and multi-channel synthesis. Author : Shay Green Website : License : GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Language: C Getting Started --------------- Build the demos by typing "make" at the command-line. If that doesn't work, manually build a program from demo.c, blip_buf.c, and wave_writer.c. Run "demo", which should record a square wave sweep to "out.wav". The others demo advanced topics, and their source code can be used as a starting point for experimentation (after making any changes, just type "make" to do any necessary recompilation). To build the SDL demo, type "make demo_sdl" at the command-line, or manually build a program from demo_sdl.c, blip_buf.c, and the SDL multimedia library. See blip_buf.h for reference and blip_buf.txt for documentation. Files ----- readme.txt Essential information blip_buf.txt Library documentation license.txt GNU Lesser General Public License makefile Builds demos (type "make" at command-line) demo.c Generates square wave sweep demo_stereo.c Generates stereo sound using two blip buffers demo_fixed.c Works in fixed-point time rather than clocks demo_sdl.c Plays sound live using SDL multimedia library demo_chip.c Emulates sound hardware and plays back log.txt demo_log.txt Log of sound hardware writes for demo_chip.c wave_writer.h Simple wave sound file writer used by demos wave_writer.c blip_buf.h Library header and reference (Doxygen-enabled) blip_buf.c source code tests/ Unit tests (build with "make test") -- Shay Green

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