Gremlin Python Example

An example project for gremlin_python, as there is very little public code out there using it.
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An example project for gremlin_python, as there is very little public code out there using it.

This project also uses Chalice (aws/chalice)


>> mkvirtualenv neptunedemo --python=python3.6
>> pip install chalice
>> pip install gremlinpython
  • Clone this repo to your project folder
  • Set GRAPH_DB in .chalice/config.json to your graph db
  • export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1 if using AWS Neptune
>> chalice deploy

Then send http requests (examples below) to your new endpoint.

If using AWS Neptune:

  • Add AWSLambdaVPCAccessExecutionRole to the lambda role
  • Set the correct VPC, subnet and SG

Example Requests

New Person


{"id": "XYZ1234", "prop1": "Some", "prop2": "Value"}
Retrieve Person

GET to

Update Person

PUT to

{"id": "XYZ1234", "prop1": "Some", "prop2": "NewValue"}
Upsert Relationship


{"from": "XYZ1234", "to": "BOB", "weight": "1.0"}
Retrieve Known Associates

GET to

You can optionally add a ?threshold=0.n parameter to the querystring to set the threshold of relationship weighting to retrieve.

Clear Graph



  • Cleanup the retrieval query
  • Add more unit tests using TinkerGraph
  • Add Cognito for authorisation of requests
  • Extend demo instructions to include graph db setup
  • Add additional options to the search

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