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Google Federated Logins for Flask.
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Alternatives To Flask Googlefed
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Google Federated Auth for Flask (and Humans)

Require an account from a given Google Apps domain for your Flask apps.

Great for internal apps on public-facing servers.


Setup is super simple:

from flask import Flask
from flask_googlefed import GoogleAuth

app = Flask(__name__)
app.secret_key = 'random secret key'
app.config['GOOGLE_DOMAIN'] = 'heroku.com'

auth = GoogleAuth(app)

def secret():
    return 'ssssshhhhh'


Installation is equally simple:

$ pip install flask-googlefed


Be sure that your Google Apps domain is enabled to be an OpenID provider under 'Advanced tools' > 'Federated Login using OpenID'

Also, create the required federation end points on your domain. See example.


Be forewarned, there's work to be done:

  • g.user is always None
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