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An implementation of WHATWG AbortController interface.

import AbortController from "abort-controller"

const controller = new AbortController()
const signal = controller.signal

signal.addEventListener("abort", () => {


💿 Installation

Use npm to install then use a bundler.

npm install abort-controller

Or download from dist directory.

📖 Usage


import AbortController from "abort-controller"
// or
const AbortController = require("abort-controller")

// or UMD version defines a global variable:
const AbortController = window.AbortControllerShim

If your bundler recognizes browser field of package.json, the imported AbortController is the native one and it doesn't contain shim (even if the native implementation was nothing). If you wanted to polyfill AbortController for IE, use abort-controller/polyfill.


Importing abort-controller/polyfill assigns the AbortController shim to the AbortController global variable if the native implementation was nothing.

import "abort-controller/polyfill"
// or




The AbortSignal object which is associated to this controller.


Notify abort event to listeners that the signal has.

📰 Changelog

🍻 Contributing

Contributing is welcome ❤️

Please use GitHub issues/PRs.

Development tools

  • npm install installs dependencies for development.
  • npm test runs tests and measures code coverage.
  • npm run clean removes temporary files of tests.
  • npm run coverage opens code coverage of the previous test with your default browser.
  • npm run lint runs ESLint.
  • npm run build generates dist codes.
  • npm run watch runs tests on each file change.

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