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Golang URL Shortener

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Main Features

  • URL Shortening
  • Visitor Counting
  • Expirable Links
  • URL deletion
  • Multiple authorization strategies:
    • Local authorization via OAuth 2.0 (Google, GitHub, Microsoft, and Okta)
    • Proxy authorization for running behind e.g. Google IAP
  • Easy ShareX integration
  • Dockerizable
  • Multiple supported storage backends
    • High performance local database with bolt
    • Persistent non-local storage with redis


Short URLs

Generate ShareX Configuration


Why did you built this

Only because I just want to extend my current self hosted URL shorter (which was really messy code) with some more features and learn about new techniques like:

  • Golang unit testing
  • React
  • Makefiles
  • Travis CI
  • Key / Value databases
  • Dockerfile and Docker Image Creation

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