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The Top 18 Boltdb Open Source Projects

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Storm 1,450
Simple and powerful toolkit for BoltDB
Heketi 936
RESTful based volume management framework for GlusterFS
Redix 787
a persistent real-time key-value store, with the same redis protocol with powerful features
Gomplate 727
A flexible commandline tool for template rendering. Supports lots of local and remote datasources.
Bolthold 376
BoltHold is an embeddable NoSQL store for Go types built on BoltDB
Alertmanager Bot 229
Bot for Prometheus' Alertmanager
Ftpgrab 206
⚡ Grab your files periodically from a remote FTP or SFTP server easily
Boltdbweb 196
A web based GUI for BoltDB files
Bolter 180
Command-line app for viewing BoltDB file in your terminal
Wiki 170
A tiny wiki using BoltDB and Blackfriday
Gokv 147
Simple key-value store abstraction and implementations for Go (Redis, Consul, etcd, bbolt, BadgerDB, LevelDB, Memcached, DynamoDB, S3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CockroachDB and many more)
Golang Url Shortener 140
URL Shortener written in Golang using Bolt DB or Redis. Provides features such as Deletion, Expiration, OAuth and is of course Dockerizable.
Srchx 105
A standalone lightweight full-text search engine built on top of blevesearch and Go with multiple storage (scorch, boltdb, leveldb, badger)
Cachego 103
Golang Cache component - Multiple drivers
Boltbrowser 103
boltBrowser is a GUI web-based explorer and editor for boltDB
Dotcoin 82
A simple and integrity blockchain implementation in Golang
Simplebolt 52
🔩 Simple way to use the Bolt database
Telepyth 45
Telegram notification with IPython magics.
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