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Simple Windows desktop application for viewing & querying Apache Parquet files.

Main UI

Please also checkout the Wiki for a detailed user guide:


This is a quick and dirty utility that I created to easily view Apache Parquet files on Windows desktop machines.

If you'd like to add any new features feel free to send a pull request.

Some Key Features:

  • Run simple sql-like queries on chunks of the file
  • Generate ansi sql schema for opened files


This application can only open Parquet files located on the Windows machine the app is running on. It cannot connect to HDFS to read parquet data.

Complex types such as structs, arrays and maps are not supported at this time.


Pre-compiled releases can be found here:

Visit the Wiki for details on how to use the utility:

Technical Details

The latest version of this project was written in C# using Visual Studio 2019 and .NET 4.6.1


This utility would not be possible without:

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