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Mue is a fast, open and free-to-use browser extension that gives a new, fresh and customisable tab page to modern browsers.


This is the branch with the currently deployed Mue code. All development is currently occuring in the 7.0 branch. Please open pull requests to that branch only.

Table of contents


Screenshot Settings Modal


  • Fast and free
  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Actively developed and open source
  • Automatically updating API with new photos, quotes and offline mode
  • Widgets such as search bar, weather, quick links, clock, date, quote, greeting
  • Settings - enable/disable various features and customise parts of Mue
  • Navbar with copy button, favourite background, notes feature etc
  • Marketplace - download custom photo packs, quote packs and preset settings made by the community

Planned Features

Please see our roadmap.


A demo of the tab can be found here, and the latest GitHub commit build here


Chrome Web Store Logo
Chrome Web Store


Firefox Add-ons Logo
Firefox Add-ons

Edge (Chromium)

Microsoft Edge Addons


Whale Store


GitHub Releases


Please see the documentation.


Please see the documentation.



David Ralph - Lead development, photographer
Alex Sparkes - Name, lead design, photographer
Isaac Saunders - QA, development, photographer
Wessel Tip - Development


Wessel Tip, Heimen Stoffels - Dutch
Alex Sparkes, Maxime - French
Anders - Norwegian
Pronin Egor - Russian
Vicente - Spanish
Austin Huang - Chinese (Simplified)
FreeFun - German
Aksal - Indonesian


Many thanks to the photographers here for letting us use their wonderful photographs.

And finally, a big thank you to all the other contributors!


Pexels, Unsplash - Stock photos used for offline mode
Undraw - Welcome modal images

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