Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


An API for your Kindle data.

Python bindings are provided but any language that can run the javascript found in from within a Kindle Cloud Reader session may easily access this data.



  • OS X (Homebrew)
    • brew install phantomjs
  • Ubuntu (at least 14.04)


import lector

api = lector.KindleCloudReaderAPI('my_amazon_username', 'my_amazon_password')
my_library = api.get_library_metadata()
book = my_library[0]
book_progress = api.get_book_progress(book.asin)
_, current_page, last_page = book_progress.page_nums

print 'Currently reading %s (Page %d of %d)' % (book.title, current_page, last_page)

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