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Symfony Demo Application

A Symfony demo application with basic user management, a REST/GraphQL API and OAuth/JWT authentication.

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MsgPHP is a project that aims to provide reusable domain layers for your application. It has a low development time overhead and avoids being overly opinionated.

Enabled Bundles

Concern Bundles
Domain MsgPhpUserBundle, MsgPhpEavBundle
ORM DoctrineBundle
Security SecurityBundle, HWIOAuthBundle, LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle
Web API ApiPlatformBundle


  • Register, Login, Forgot Password, My Profile
  • One-Time-Login tokens
  • Register invitations
  • Primary e-mail and secondary e-mails

Try it Yourself

Using Symfony CLI:

composer create-project msgphp/symfony-demo-app
cd symfony-demo-app

# Database and Elasticsearch must be running
# Change DATABASE_URL and ELASTICSEARCH_HOST in .env.local, if needed

bin/console doctrine:database:create --if-not-exists
bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force
bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load -n

bin/console projection:synchronize

symfony server:start
symfony open:local

Using Docker:

# assuming composer is not installed on the local machine
git clone [email protected]:msgphp/symfony-demo-app.git
cd symfony-demo-app
cp .env.local.dist .env.local

make build start install db-fixtures api-sync

# open https://localhost:8443





v1.x 08-2018
screen:login screen:profile
screen:api screen:cli

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