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reader is for your command line what the “readability” view is for modern browsers: A lightweight tool offering better readability of web pages on the CLI.


reader parses a web page for its actual content and displays it in nicely highlighted text on the command line. In addition, reader renders embedded images from that page as colored block-renders on the terminal as well.



Don't render images:

reader -i

Output raw markdown, don't pretty print:

reader -o

Read from file:

reader reader ${HOME}/downloads/

Read from stdin:

curl -o - | reader -

More options:

reader -h


Using reader from within w3m

While on a web page in w3m, press ! and enter the following:

reader $W3M_URL

This will open the current url with reader. w3m will wait for you to press any key in order to resume browsing.

If you want to navigate through the page:

reader $W3M_URL | less -R

Using reader from within vim/neovim

Add the following function/mapping to your init.vim:

function s:vertopen_url()
  normal! "uyiW
  let mycommand = "reader " . @u
  execute "vertical terminal " . mycommand
noremap <Plug>vertopen_url : call <SID>vertopen_url()<CR>
nmap gx <Plug>vertopen_url

Open a document and place the cursor on a link, then press g followed by x. Vim will open a new terminal and show you the output of reader.

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