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This project is not being maintained anymore

pymarketcap is a library for retrieve data from coinmarketcap <>_ API and website. Consist of a cythonized scraper and and API wrapper built with libcurl, but is posible to compile a lightweight version with standard urllib


You need to install cython <>_ before pymarketcap. Try: pip3 install Cython and then:


pip3 install pymarketcap

  • On Windows, urllib <>_ will be used library by default to make synchronous requests whereas that on Linux/Mac will be built using libcurl <>_ C library. You can control this (see below):

From source


git clone
cd pymarketcap
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python install
  • To force installation with libcurl, use --force-curl in last command.
  • To install with urllib, use --no-curl.


  • Static documentation at Readthedocs <>_.
  • Live running notebook hosted at Binderhub <>_.

Contributing <>_

Testing <>__

Changelog <>_

`License <>`_


- Issue Tracker:
- |Ask me anything| [email protected]

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