Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Awesome Web Scraping

The list of tools, programming libraries and web services used in web scraping and data processing.

Web scraping chats: @grablab (English) and @grablab_ru (Russian)

Programming Libraries

Other Things

Captcha Solving Services

These two links point to same captcha service, it is just a different language versions


See Contributing document.


The list is based initially on some data from these sources awesome-python, awesome-php, awesome-ruby, ruby-nlp, awesome-javascript

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Javascript (1,538,553
Python (1,146,782
Php (395,608
Ruby (305,229
Go (198,701
Golang (33,653
Makefile (23,666
Awesome (3,871
Awesome List (3,556
Proxy (3,512
Webscraping (2,279
Proxy Server (531
Data Processing (334
Proxy List (111
Captcha Solving (97
Captcha Solver (58
Captcha Breaking (52
Anticaptcha (39
Captcha Recognition (33
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