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This zsh plugin provides functionality similar to Vim's abbreviation expansion.

This plugin consulted .

See for bash version.


Using zplug

zplug "momo-lab/zsh-abbrev-alias"

Alias settings are written after zplug load.

For Example

$ abbrev-alias -g G="| grep"
$ ps aux G<push space key>
$ ps aux | grep 
$ git branch
* master
$ abbrev-alias -ge B='$(git symbolic-ref --short HEAD 2> /dev/null)'
$ git push origin B<push space key>
$ git push origin master 
$ abbrev-alias d='docker'
$ d<push space key>
$ docker
$ abbrev-alias -r dr='d run --rm -it'
$ dr<push space key>
$ docker run --rm -it


This plugin is compatible with, you only need to source it first


Show abbrev-alias --help.

$ abbrev-alias --help
abbrev-alias 0.3.0
  abbrev-alias [OPTIONS] {name=value ...}
  abbrev-alias -u {name ...}
  abbrev-alias --init

  -c, --command   register alias as 'alias name=value'
  -g, --global    register alias as 'alias -g name=value' like
  -e, --eval      evaluates subshells on expansion
  -r, --recursive expand aliases recursively
  -u, --unset     unregister alias
  -i, --init      initialize abbrev-alias. execute with .zshrc
  -h, --help      show this help
  -v, --version   show version

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