CAD framework tool on top of Qt
Alternatives To Qt_painter
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
11 minutes ago15August 19, 20221,085otherC++
This is the official source code of FreeCAD, a free and opensource multiplatform 3D parametric modeler.
2 days ago909otherC++
OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller
3 days ago398otherC++
LibreCAD is a cross-platform 2D CAD program written in C++14 using the Qt framework. It can read DXF and DWG files and can write DXF, PDF and SVG files. The user interface is highly customizable, and has dozens of translations.
8 months ago69C++
CAD from a parallel universe
a day ago138gpl-3.0C++
A powerful, innovative and intuitive EDA suite for everyone!
4 months ago95C++
Infrastructure for solid modeling
11 days ago35bsd-2-clauseC++
3D CAD viewer and converter based on Qt + OpenCascade
13 days ago19May 08, 202216lgpl-3.0Python
Simple yet powerful CAD (Computer Aided Design) library, written with Python.
17 hours ago3C++
a 3d modeler
3 months ago56C++
CAD framework tool on top of Qt
Alternatives To Qt_painter
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The "Project"

This is educational project that we hope will eventually become some sort of CAD tool. The aim is to learn "system design" of such tools and come-up with own building blocks, make some experiments and have fun.

Platform/OS Support

  • Linux32 ubuntu 18.04
  • Linux64 ubuntu 18.04
  • Windows10-64 - Mingw
  • Windows10 64 - MVCS

Usability Features

  • Command intepreter ( log format )
  • 1-on-1 Logging/Replaying
  • Shape creation/deletion ( rect,line,elipse,polygon )
  • Shape selection/highlighting
  • Shape basic properties ( border color, fill color, stiple )
  • Viewport manipulation ( zoominng/panning )
  • Data Save/Load
  • GUI Ribbon Widget
  • GUI Console Assistant

Inter-project API

  • Messenger
  • Selection
  • Postman
  • Service
  • Renderer
  • Region Query
  • Command management
  • Runtime
  • Logging/Replying

Buildsystem/TestHarness capabilities

  • GUI/QA harness commands
  • Diff web-view
  • Debugging modes, replay stop, resume, contine
  • Automated CI check ( circleCI )
  • Test running infrascture
  • 20 integration tests.

  • Unit testing capabilities and few unit tests
  • Building from docker image
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