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>>> it's time to throw parametric softwares out !

Simple yet powerful CAD (Computer Aided Design) library, written with Python.

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  • surface generation (3D sketch primitives, extrusion, revolution, inflation, tubes, ...)
  • fast boolean operations
  • common mesh file format import/export
  • kinematic manipulation
  • implicit geometry definition through the constraint/solver system
  • objects display with high-quality graphics


Checkout some complete examples

Sample usage

from madcad import *

# define points
O = vec3(0)
A = vec3(2,0,0)
B = vec3(1,2,0)
C = vec3(0,2,0)

# create a list of primitives
line = [
	Segment(O, A),          
	ArcThrough(A, B, C),

# create and solve constraints
		Tangent(line[0], line[1], A),   
		Tangent(line[1], line[2], C),   
		Radius(line[1], 1.5),           
	], fixed=[O])

# generate surfaces
part = extrusion(vec3(0,0,1), web(line))

# display in a 3D scene

The result will be this window example-window


MADCAD is born from the idea that the current approach of parametric CADs for mechanical engineering is not the best possible. This library is part of a project targeting the best possible mechanical design tool for both engineers and handymen. See the comparison for more details.

License LGPL logo

Copyright 2019-2021 Yves Dejonghe [email protected]

This library is distributed under the LGPL-v3 license. A copy of that license is provided with this software.

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