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Slate - Pixel Art Editor

Slate is a bitmap editor available for Linux, Windows and Mac. With Slate, you can:

  • Edit images directly
  • Use layers
  • Create seamless 2D tilesets
  • Preview sprite sheet animations

Slate was built for pixel art, and its goal is to simplify the creation of sprites and tilesets by offering a user-friendly, customisable interface.



Screenshot of Slate on Linux

Screenshot of Slate v0.4.0 on Mac

Screenshot of Slate v0.4.0 on Mac


- Slate 0.9.0 for Linux

- Slate 0.9.0 for Mac

- Slate 0.9.0 for Windows

See the releases page for the full list of available downloads.

Note that the Linux binaries are built on Ubuntu 18.04.3 and may not work with other distributions. If you encounter issues running Slate on Linux, try building from source.


All Slate builds are portable, meaning that no installation is necessary. On Windows, however, it may be necessary to run the vc_redist.x64.exe file that comes with the download in order to install certain Microsoft C++ libraries if you've never installed any applications that require this prior to running Slate.



Join Slate's Discord server for discussion:

It's fine to ask questions here on GitHub as well - just create an issue and I will label it accordingly.


If you like Slate, feel free to stop by the Discord server and let me know. I'm always excited to know that people are using it.

You can also say thank you by donating via PayPal or

Building From Source


  • Qt 5.15


master is the branch where development is done, and release is the stable branch where releases are made from. I also tag releases.


Slate uses Qbs as the primary build system, with experimental CMake support added by the community. The sections below document the process of building Slate with Qbs.

Qt Creator

It's recommended to build using Qt Creator for convenience.

Open slate.qbs in Qt Creator, configure the project using a kit with a Qt version that meets the requirement listed in the Dependencies section, and then build it.

Command Line


First, follow Qbs' setup guide. Once you've set it up, choose one of the following approaches.

In-source builds:

cd /path/to/slate-source-dir

Shadow builds:

mkdir slate-build
cd slate-build
qbs /path/to/slate-source-dir/slate.qbs

For more information about building Qbs applications, see this page.


The CMake build is experimental and may not be up-to-date. Contributions are welcome.

In-source builds:

cd /path/to/slate-source-dir
cmake .
cmake --build .

Shadow builds:

mkdir slate-build
cd slate-build
cmake /path/to/slate-source-dir/slate.qbs
cmake --build .

To run all test cases:

cd slate-build

List of assets used in the screenshots:

OS icons taken from font-os.

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