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A Minecraft world downloader that works by intercepting & decrypting network traffic between the client and the server to read & save chunk data. Chunks can be sent back to the client to extend the render distance.


Latest Windows release (GUI): world-downloader.exe

Cross-platform jar (GUI & commandline): world-downloader.jar


  • Requires no client modifications and as such works with every game client, vanilla or not
  • Automatically merge into previous downloads or existing worlds
  • Save chests and other inventories by opening them
  • Extend the client's render distance by sending chunks downloaded previously back to the client
  • Overview map of chunks that have been saved:


  • Java 17 or higher
  • Minecraft version 1.12.2+ // 1.13.2+ // 1.14.1+ // 1.15.2+ // 1.16.2+ // 1.17+ // 1.18+ // 1.19+

Basic usage

Download the latest release and run it. Enter the server address in the address field and press start. Instead of connecting to the server itself, connect to localhost in Minecraft to start downloading the world.

Additional settings can be changed in the other tabs of the settings window.

If you run into any problems, check the FAQ page for some common issues.


Download the cross-platform world-downloader.jar and run it using the commandline:

java -jar world-downloader.jar -s

Then connect to localhost in Minecraft to start downloading the world. The world will be saved to the world/ by default.

Other arguments can be specified to change the behaviour of the downloader. For example, render distance extending can be enabled by setting the render distance with -r [distance]:

java -jar world-downloader.jar -s -r 16


Parameter Default Description
--server required Server address
--port 25565 Server port
--local-port 25565 Port on which the downloader will run.
--output world World output director
--no-gui Disable the GUI, useful for running in environments that don't support GUIs.
--render-distance 0 When larger than the server's render distance, send known chunks back to the client
--mark-unsaved-chunks true When enabled, marks unsaved chunks red in the GUI.
--minecraft-dir %appdata%/.minecraft Path to your Minecraft installation, used for Mojang authentication
--username none Set your Minecraft username, used instead of the Minecraft path for authentication
--token none Set the Minecraft access token, used instead of the Minecraft path for authentication

Additional options are available by running java -jar world-downloader.jar --help.

Running on Linux

To easily download the latest release using the terminal, the following commands can be used:

java -jar world-downloader.jar -s

When running headless Java, the GUI should be disabled by including the GUI option:

java -jar world-downloader.jar -s --no-gui

Some linux distributions may require -Djdk.gtk.version=2 for the GUI to work:

java -Djdk.gtk.version=2 -jar world-downloader.jar

Building from source

Dependencies on linux


sudo apt-get install default-jdk maven


sudo pacman -S --needed jdk-openjdk maven
Build project to executable jar file

Building the project manually can be done using Maven:

git clone
cd minecraft-world-downloader
mvn package
java -jar ./target/world-downloader.jar -s

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