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3 days ago35apache-2.0Java
mall项目是一套电商系统,包括前台商城系统及后台管理系统,基于SpringBoot+MyBatis实现,采用Docker容器化部署。 前台商城系统包含首页门户、商品推荐、商品搜索、商品展示、购物车、订单流程、会员中心、客户服务、帮助中心等模块。 后台管理系统包含商品管理、订单管理、会员管理、促销管理、运营管理、内容管理、统计报表、财务管理、权限管理、设置等模块。
Strapi54,19922111320 hours ago281May 11, 2022405otherJavaScript
🚀 Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.
23 days ago30Python
Prisma31,88844220 hours ago4,993September 24, 20222,923apache-2.0TypeScript
Next-generation ORM for Node.js & TypeScript | PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB and CockroachDB
Mall Learning12,045
18 days ago25apache-2.0Java
mall学习教程,架构、业务、技术要点全方位解析。mall项目(50k+star)是一套电商系统,使用现阶段主流技术实现。涵盖了SpringBoot 2.3.0、MyBatis 3.4.6、Elasticsearch 7.6.2、RabbitMQ 3.7.15、Redis 5.0、MongoDB 4.2.5、Mysql5.7等技术,采用Docker容器化部署。
Migrate11,589594a day ago129March 17, 2022273otherGo
Database migrations. CLI and Golang library.
Mall Swarm10,317
8 days ago43apache-2.0Java
mall-swarm是一套微服务商城系统,采用了 Spring Cloud 2021 & Alibaba、Spring Boot 2.7、Oauth2、MyBatis、Docker、Elasticsearch、Kubernetes等核心技术,同时提供了基于Vue的管理后台方便快速搭建系统。mall-swarm在电商业务的基础集成了注册中心、配置中心、监控中心、网关等系统功能。文档齐全,附带全套Spring Cloud教程。
a day ago272apache-2.0Svelte
An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify alternative.
a day ago31gpl-2.0PLpgSQL
Everything about database,business.(Most for PostgreSQL).
a day ago132mitObjective-C
NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument.
Alternatives To Datasources
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To install the latest version of MindsDB Datasources use pip:

pip install mindsdb_datasources


MindsDBs Datasources goal is to make it very simple to ingest and prepare data that can be feed into MindsDB as DataSource.

Datasource Integrations

Connect MongoDB
Connect MySQL
Connect PostgreSQL
Connect MariaDB
Connect MongoDB
Connect Snowflake
Connect Clickhouse
Connect Cassandra
Connect Redis
Connect SQL Server
Connect Singlestore
Connect ScyllaDB
Connect CockroachDB

❓ 👋 Missing integration?


If you found a bug, please submit an issue on Github.

To get community support, you can:

If you need commercial support, please contact the MindsDB team.


Being part of the core team is accessible to anyone who is motivated and wants to be part of that journey!

If you'd like to contribute to the project, refer to the contributing documentation.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

Installing additional dependencies

For some datasources may need additional dependencies.

To work with datasource from list:

S3, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Athena, Redshift, Google Cloud Storage, ScyllaDB, Cassandra, Presto, Timescale, Dremio, Impala, Hive, Trino, InfluxDB, Phoenix, QuestDB, CrateDB

please, install dependencies via:

pip install mindsdb-datasources[extra_data_sources]

If You want to work with ScyllaDB, please install:

pip install mindsdb-datasources[scylla]

If You want to work with Cassandra, please install:

pip install mindsdb-datasources[cassandra]

Note: dependencies for Cassandra and ScyllaDB may conflict with each other. It would be good not to install them at the same time.

To work with Snowflake, please install Snowflake's ODBC driver and pyodbc.

To work with Dremio, please install the Dremio ODBC Driver and pyodbc.

To work with Solr, please install Solr and JayDeBeApi. Then export the Solr JDBC driver to CLASSPATH. Details:

Mailing lists

Subscribe to MindsDB Monthly Community Newsletter to get general announcements, release notes, information about MindsDB events, and the latest blog posts. You may also join our beta-users group, and get access to new beta features.


MindsDB is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0

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