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Template for hosting python scripts and applications on Heroku

This is a small example of running your script with Heroku. You can run almost any python application with any dependencies.

Getting Started

  1. Download or clone this repository

  2. Register on Heroku

  3. Download and install Heroku CLI

  4. Download and install git

  5. Copy your script or project to this repository's folder

  6. Replace "" with the path to your main executable file in Procfile

    worker: python

    If you are getting errors, you can try replace worker with web.

  7. You may select your python version and runtime using runtime.txt. Read how on official heroku page.

  8. If you are using any not built-in modules, you must add them to your requirements.txt. To check which version of the module you have, run pip freeze in the terminal. You will get lines with information about installed modules and their versions in the format like MODULE_NAME==MODULE_VERSION. Add lines with required modules and their versions to your requirements.txt. Don't keep unused modules in requirements.txt. This file should contain every module your application needs. Heroku will install modules from this file automatically.

  9. Open terminal (or do it another way, but I will explain how to do it in the terminal on Ubuntu) and create a git repository.

    1. Initiate git repository

      git init
    2. Create heroku application

      heroku create
    3. Add, commit and push your code into branch master of the remote heroku.

      git add .
      git commit -m "initial commit"
      git push heroku master
  10. Specify the amount of worker that will run your application

    heroku ps:scale worker=1
  11. Now everything should be working. You can check your logs with this command

    heroku logs --tail
  12. You can open the URL where the script is deployed using the below command (if you are deploying web application)

    heroku open
  13. From now on you can use usual git commands (push, add, commit, etc.) to update your app. Every time you push heroku master your app gets redeployed with updated source code

  14. To stop your application scale down the amount of workers with like this

    heroku ps:scale worker=0




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