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Awesome Open Source


All of my dotfiles, managed with GNU Stow.


  • Folders prefixed with _ should not be stowed.
    • _misc contains configuration that must be manually applied.
    • _setup contains setup scripts.
  • All other folders can be stowed.
    • Each stowed folder should self-indicate that it is stowed via presence of a file with the package's name in .local/stowed. For example, the osx package has the file .local/stowed/osx. This allows the restow-dots script to work.
    • To prevent unexpected behavior, you should use the --no-folding flag with stow.

Here's what you'll need...


All platforms

  • GNU Stow
  • metakirby5/zenbu
  • metakirby5/mpx
  • metakirby5/scripts (somewhat optional)
  • Packages from relevant managers (~/.local/share/mpx/spaces/*/leaves)


  • Xcode
  • brew
  • metakirby5/Spice
  • XVimProject/XVim (hopefully on brew soon)
  • DrabWeb/iTerm2 (borderless + gaps + padding)


  • metakirby5/lemonblocks
  • rxvt-unicode-256color
  • tmux
  • Airblader/i3-gaps
  • krypt-n/bar
  • gstk/siji
  • acrisci/i3ipc-python
  • eBrnd/i3lock-color
  • xautolock
  • chjj/compton
  • melek/dmenu2
  • enkore/j4-dmenu-desktop
  • ffmpeg
  • imagemagick
  • jq
  • dunst + dunstify
  • notify-send
  • feh
  • conky
  • mpd and/or mopidy
  • mpc
  • mpv
  • ncmpcpp
  • ranger
  • scrot
  • dropbox
  • nmtui
  • xflux
  • unclutter
  • actionless/oomox
  • gtk-reload (from neeasade/
  • devmon
  • trash-cli
  • eBrnd/i3lock-color



  • System fonts.




  • ccd0/4chan-x
  • nebukazar/StyleChan


Extensions in _misc/osx/safari.


Theme in ~/.local/zenbu/chrome_theme/.

For OS X, use the system theme.

Dark Red Dark is another option.


All platforms

  • Clone this repo into ~/.dots.
  • Add source ~/.linker to the appropriate files (~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile)
  • Follow platform-specific instructions.
  • Install mpx.
  • Install packages with mpx <PACKABGE_MANAGER>:install-leaves.
  • Install browser extensions/themes.
  • If you want, copy over _misc/shell/ to your root's home directory (to the appropriate file) and symlink the .vimrc.
  • Reboot.


EXPERIMENTAL: Run _setup/osx.

-- or --

  • Install Xcode from the App Store.
  • Import the profile in _misc/osx/Japanesque.terminal.
  • Install brew from
  • Install stow using brew.
  • cd ~/.dots
  • stow base osx
  • Set your shell to brew's bash.
  • source ~/.bashrc
  • Install zenbu via pip and use it to choose a colorscheme.
  • yes | osx-set-defaults
  • Tweak whatever other settings you want in


  • Install all the dependencies you need with your favorite package manager. You really need stow and zenbu.
  • cd ~/.dots
  • stow base linux
  • If you are using i3:
    • stow i3
    • Ensure you are using i3init to start i3.
  • source ~/.bashrc
  • Ensure your profile is called profile so the templates in ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile can render properly.
  • Use zenbu and choose a colorscheme.
  • Install Stylish for Chrome/Firefox and install the relevant userstyles from ~/.local/zenbu/userstyles.
  • Set up oomox and use the file in ~/.local/zenbu/


  • Regularly pull and restow-dots to keep up-to-date.
  • Regularly mpx :dump-leaves to export dependencies.


  • [ ] Fix zenbu files to allow light colorschemes
  • [ ] Stick XVimProject/XVim on brew

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