Megvii FILE Library - Working with Files in Python
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Smart_open2,8763201563 days ago54April 24, 202284mitPython
Utils for streaming large files (S3, HDFS, gzip, bz2...)
a year ago4November 19, 202121mitGo
StorageTapper is a scalable realtime MySQL change data streaming, logical backup and logical replication service
Afs247149 days ago71October 27, 20213apache-2.0Go
Abstract File Storage
Tus Ruby Server188
2 years ago5mitRuby
Ruby server for tus resumable upload protocol
S3 Streaming Upload11932102 years ago26January 21, 20212mitJavaScript
s3-streaming-upload is node.js library that listens to your stream and upload its data to Amazon S3 using ManagedUpload API.
Node.js Amazon S396
12 years ago7mitJavaScript
An S3 library for node.js. Supports automatic md5 of content, streaming, 100-continues, and very large files
4 years ago26apache-2.0Java
kafka-connect-s3 : Ingest data from Kafka to Object Stores(s3)
Megfile82224 days ago23April 26, 20228apache-2.0Python
Megvii FILE Library - Working with Files in Python
Media Services Application Mapper79
19 days ago46apache-2.0JavaScript
Media Services Application Mapper is a browser-based tool that allows operators to visualize the structure and logical connections among AWS Media Services and supporting services in the cloud. The tool can be used as a top-down resource monitoring tool when integrated with CloudWatch.
S3 Sync7930147 years ago14October 29, 201514otherJavaScript
A streaming interface for uploading multiple files to S3.
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megfile - Megvii FILE library

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megfile provides a silky operation experience with different backends (currently including local file system and s3), which enable you to focus more on the logic of your own project instead of the question of "Which backend is used for this file?"

megfile provides:

  • Almost unified file system operation experience. Target path can be easily moved from local file system to s3.
  • Complete boundary case handling. Even the most difficult (or even you can't even think of) boundary conditions, megfile can help you easily handle it.
  • Perfect type hints and built-in documentation. You can enjoy the IDE's auto-completion and static checking.
  • Semantic version and upgrade guide, which allows you enjoy the latest features easily.

megfile's advantages are:

  • smart_open can open resources that use various protocols, including fs, s3, http(s) and stdio. Especially, reader / writer of s3 in megfile is implemented with multi-thread, which is faster than known competitors.
  • smart_glob is available on s3. And it supports zsh extended pattern syntax of [], e.g. s3://bucket/video.{mp4,avi}.
  • All-inclusive functions like smart_exists / smart_stat / smart_sync. If you don't find the functions you want, submit an issue.
  • Compatible with pathlib.Path interface, referring to S3Path and SmartPath.

Quick Start

Here's an example of writing a file to s3 / sftp / fs, syncing to local, reading and finally deleting it.

Functional Interface

from megfile import smart_open, smart_exists, smart_sync, smart_remove, smart_glob

# open a file in s3 bucket
with smart_open('s3://playground/megfile-test', 'w') as fp:
    fp.write('megfile is not silver bullet')

# test if file in s3 bucket exist

# or in local file system

# copy files or directories
smart_sync('s3://playground/megfile-test', '/tmp/playground/megfile-test')

# remove files or directories

# glob files or directories in s3 bucket

# smart_open also support protocols like http / https

# smart_open also support protocols like sftp
smart_open('sftp://username:[email protected]:22/path/to/file')

SmartPath Interface

from megfile.smart_path import SmartPath

path = SmartPath('s3://playground/megfile-test')
if path.exists():
    with as f:
        result =
        assert result == b'megfile'

Command Line Interface

$ megfile --help  # see what you can do

$ megfile ls s3://playground/
$ megfile ls -l -h s3://playground/

$ megfile cat s3://playground/megfile-test

$ megfile cp s3://playground/megfile-test /tmp/playground/megfile-test



pip3 install megfile

You can specify megfile version as well

pip3 install "megfile~=0.0"

Build from Source

megfile can be installed from source

git clone [email protected]:megvii-research/megfile.git
cd megfile
pip3 install -U .

Development Environment

git clone [email protected]:megvii-research/megfile.git
cd megfile
pip3 install -r requirements.txt -r requirements-dev.txt


Before using megfile to access files on s3, you need to set up authentication credentials for your s3 account using the AWS CLI or editing the file ~/.aws/config directly, see also: boto3 configuration & boto3 credentials. You can set your endpoint url with environments OSS_ENDPOINT.

$ aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [None]: accesskey
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: secretkey
Default region name [None]:
Default output format [None]:

# for aliyun oss only
$ aws configure set s3.addressing_style virtual
$ aws configure set s3.endpoint_url

$ cat ~/.aws/config
aws_secret_access_key = accesskey
aws_access_key_id = secretkey

s3 =
    addressing_style = virtual
    endpoint_url =

You also can operate s3 files with different endpoint urls, access keys and secret keys. You can set config for different profiles by environment(PROFILE_NAME__AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, PROFILE_NAME__AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, PROFILE_NAME__OSS_ENDPOINT) or ~/.aws/config. Then you can operate files with path s3+profile_name://bucket/key. For example:

# set config with environment
$ export PROFILE1__AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=profile1-accesskey
$ export PROFILE1__AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=profile1-secretkey

$ export PROFILE2__AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=profile2-accesskey
$ export PROFILE2__AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=profile2-secretkey

# set config with file
$ cat ~/.aws/config
aws_secret_access_key = profile1-accesskey
aws_access_key_id = profile1-secretkey
s3 =
    endpoint_url =

aws_secret_access_key = profile2-accesskey
aws_access_key_id = profile2-secretkey
s3 =
    endpoint_url =

# python
megfile.smart_copy('s3+profile1://bucket/key', 's3+profile2://bucket/key')

sftp path format is sftp://[username[:password]@]hostname[:port]/file_path, and sftp support some environments:

# If you are not set username or password in path, you can set them in environments
$ export SFTP_USERNAME=user
$ export SFTP_PASSWORD=user_password

# You can also set private key for sftp connection 
$ export SFTP_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH=/home/user/custom_private_key_path  # default not use private key
$ export SFTP_PRIVATE_KEY_TYPE=RSA  # default is RSA
$ export SFTP_PRIVATE_KEY_PASSWORD=private_key_password

How to Contribute

  • We welcome everyone to contribute code to the megfile project, but the contributed code needs to meet the following conditions as much as possible:

    You can submit code even if the code doesn't meet conditions. The project members will evaluate and assist you in making code changes

    • Code format: Your code needs to pass code format check. megfile uses yapf as lint tool and the version is locked at 0.27.0. The version lock may be removed in the future

    • Static check: Your code needs complete type hint. megfile uses pytype as static check tool. If pytype failed in static check, use # pytype: disable=XXX to disable the error and please tell us why you disable it.

      Note : Because pytype doesn't support variable type annation, the variable type hint format introduced by py36 cannot be used.

      i.e. variable: int is invalid, replace it with variable # type: int

    • Test: Your code needs complete unit test coverage. megfile uses pyfakefs and moto as local file system and s3 virtual environment in unit tests. The newly added code should have a complete unit test to ensure the correctness

  • You can help to improve megfile in many ways:

    • Write code.
    • Improve documentation.
    • Report or investigate bugs and issues.
    • If you find any problem or have any improving suggestion, submit a new issuse as well. We will reply as soon as possible and evaluate whether to adopt.
    • Review pull requests.
    • Star megfile repo.
    • Recommend megfile to your friends.
    • Any other form of contribution is welcomed.
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