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A lightweight & opening Java Agent for Cloud-Native and APM system


  • EaseAgent is the underlying component that provides non-intrusive extensions to applications of the Java ecosystem.
  • EaseAgent can collect distributed application tracing, metrics, and logs, which could be used in the APM system and improve the observability of a distributed system. for the tracing, EaseAgent follows the Google Dapper paper.
  • EaseAgent also can work with Cloud-Native architecture. For example, it can help Service Mesh (especially for EaseMesh ) to do some control panel work.
  • EaseAgent supports plugins mechanism development, which is easy to extend or add new functionality.


  • EaseAgent can be a Java agent for APM(Application Performance Management) system.
  • EaseAgent collects the basic metrics and the service tracing logs, which is very helpful for performance analysis and troubleshooting.
  • EaseAgent is compatible with mainstream monitoring ecosystems, such as Kafka, ElasticSearch, Prometheus, Zipkin, etc.
  • EaseAgent majorly focuses on the Spring Boot development environments, but users can support any Java ecosystem applications through plugins.
  • EaseAgent can support scenario-specific business requirements through the plugin mechanism, such as traffic redirection, traffic coloring, etc.


  • Safe to Java application/service.
  • Instrumenting a Java application in a non-intrusive way.
  • Lightweight and very low CPU, memory, and I/O resource usage.
  • Highly extensible, users can easily do extensions through a simple and clear plugin interface.
  • Design for Micro-Service architecture, collecting the data from a service perspective.


  • Easy to use. It is right out of the box for Metrics, Tracing and Logs collecting.

    • Collecting Metric & Tracing Logs.
      • JDBC 4.0
      • HTTP ServletHTTP Filter
      • Spring Boot 2.2.x: WebClientRestTemplateFeignClient
      • RabbitMQ Client 5.xKafka Client 2.4.x
      • Jedis 3.5.xLettuce 5.3.x (sync、async)
      • ElasticSearch Client >= 7.x (sync、async)
      • Mongodb Client >=4.0.x (sync、async)
      • Motan >= 1.2.0
    • Collecting Access Logs.
      • HTTP ServletHTTP Filter
      • Spring Cloud Gateway
    • Instrumenting the traceId and spanId into user application logging automatically
    • Supplying the health check endpoint
    • Supplying the readiness check endpoint for SpringBoot2.2.x
    • Supplying the agent info endpoint
  • Data Reports

    • Console Reporter.
    • Prometheus Exports.
    • Http Reporter.
    • Kafka Reporter.
    • Custom Reporter.
  • Easy to Extend

    • Simple and clear Plugin Interface, creating a plugin as few as three classes.
    • Extremely cleanly packaged Tracing and Metric API, with a small amount of code to achieve business support.
  • Standardization

    • The tracing data format is fully compatible with the Zipkin data format.
    • Metric data format fully supports integration with Prometheus.
    • The application log format is fully compatible with the Opentelemetry data format.

Architecture Diagram



Plugin Framework in core module is base on Byte buddy technology.

  1. Easeagent's plugin defines where (which classes and methods) to make enhancements by implementing the Points and what to do at the point of enhancement by implementing the Interceptor.
  2. When the program invokes the enhanced method of class defined by Points, the unique index(uid) owned by the method will be used as a parameter to call the common interface of Agent Common Method Advice, which finds the Agent Interceptor Chain by the Unique Index and calls the before method of each Interceptor in the chain in order of priority.
  3. Normally, both the Metric Interceptor and the Tracing Interceptor are in the agent interceptor chain and are called sequentially.
  4. According to call the Metric API and Tracing API in interceptors, the Metric and Tracing information will be stored in MetricRegistry and Tracing.
  5. The Reporter module will get information from MetricRegistry and Tracing and send it to Kafka.
  6. The after method of each interceptor in the Agent Interceptor Chain will be invoked in the reverse order of the before invoked at last.
  7. The tracing data can be sent to kafka server or zipkin server, the metric data can be sent to kafka server and pull by Prometheus server.


Get And Set Environment Variable

Setup Environment Variable and then download the latest release of easeagent.jar or build it from the source.

Setup Environment Variable

$ cd ~/easeagent #[Replace with agent path]
$ export EASE_AGENT_PATH=`pwd` # export EASE_AGENT_PATH=[Replace with agent path]
$ mkdir plugins


Download easeagent.jar from releases releases.

$ curl -Lk -O

Build From the Source

You need Java 1.8+ and git:

Download EaseAgent with git clone

$ cd easeagent
$ mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip
$ cp ./build/target/easeagent-dep.jar $EASE_AGENT_PATH/easeagent.jar

The ./build/target/easeagent-dep.jar is the agent jar with all the dependencies.

For the Windows platform, please make sure git core.autocrlf is set to false before git clone. You can use git config --global core.autocrlf false to modify core.autocrlf.

How to use easeagent.jar on host?

How to use easeagent.jar in docker?

Get Configuration file

Extracting the default configuration file.

$ jar xf easeagent.jar easeagent-log4j2.xml

By default, there is an configuration file, which is configured to print all output data to the console.

Monitor Spring Petclinic


  • Make sure you have installed the docker, docker-compose in your environment.
  • Make sure your docker version is higher than v19.+.
  • Make sure your docker-compose version is higher than v2.+.

Project Details

Initialize and Start the project

$ git clone
$ cd easeagent-spring-petclinic
$ git submodule update --init
$ ./ start

The script will download the latest release of EaseAgent. If you want to use your own built EaseAgent, copy it to the directory: easeagent/downloaded

$ cp $EASE_AGENT_PATH/easeagent.jar easeagent/downloaded/easeagent-latest.jar

It requires Docker to pull images from the docker hub, be patient.

Open Browser to visit grafana UI: http://localhost:3000.


Click the search dashboards, the first icon in the left menu bar. Choose the spring-petclinic-easeagent to open the dashboard we prepare for you.

Prometheus Metric Schedule: Prometheus Metric



If you want to check the tracing-data, you could click the explore in the left menu bar. Click the Search - beta to switch search mode. Click search query button in the right up corner, there is a list containing many tracing. Choose one to click.


Build Spring Petclinic

Spring Petclinic Demo

Add an Enhancement Plugin

Add a Demo Plugin to EaseAgent

User Manual

For more information, please refer to the User Manual.

Enhancement Plugin Development Guide

Refer to Plugin Development Guide.

Report Plugin Development Guide

Report plugin enables user report tracing/metric data to different kinds of the backend in a different format.

Refer to Report Plugin Development Guide


If you have any questions, welcome to discuss them in our community. Welcome to join!


EaseAgent is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

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