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Machine Learning & Deep Learning Curriculum

Loose path:

  1. Math
  2. Programming
  3. Machine Learning concepts
  4. Specializations


Understanding Math is pivotal. You can never be a good Machine Learning Scientist by skipping the Math.

  1. Probability & Statistics Basic Probability and Stats will be helpful in understanding ML algorithms like Naive Bayes.

  2. Statistics 101 - Udacity Taught by the founder of GoogleX it's full of exercises in Python so you won't get bored.

  3. MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra Prof. Strang is terrific! Not only he'll make you fall in love in Linear Algebra but you'll learn important concepts like SVD and matrix algebra. You might wanna grab this PDF as well. Be sure to also solve the exam question papers from here: link

  4. MIT Single Variable Calculus This is my personal favorite book, use it for SVC + MVC link Amazing course but it gets quite tedious in the middle, you might wanna skim some geometry, but the key is to understand how optimization works. Be sure to solve questions from here: link

  5. MIT Multi Variable Calculus Understanding vector calculus is necessary for algorithms like SVM, you might wanna skim some parts which are purely theoretical. Be sure to solve questions from here: link

  6. (Optional) Stanford Convex Optimization WARNING: Do this course only if you're very good at math. Convex Optimization will teach you numerous functions used in Machine Learning. But this course is extremely heavy on Math!

Introduction to Programming & Algorithms

Introduction to Machine Learning

  1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng A must do course, best course of Introduction to Machine Learning so far, light on Math and focuses more on concepts.

Complete one out of two:

  1. Machine Learning A-Z Introductory course on ML focusing on not only Python but also R, one of the best sellers on Udemy.

  2. Introduction to Machine Learning - Udacity Sebastian Thrun does an awesome job explaining various approaches in ML. It gets a little boring in the middle but overall it's very good.

Applied Machine Learning

Two quick courses on applying the theory you learnt. They're short so I recommend doing both of them.

  1. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

  2. Machine Learning with Python - Hands On!


Quick Revision Notebook

I have curated a collection of Jupyter Notebooks which can be used as a quick refreseher for various Machine Learning & Deep Learning concepts. Bookmark it for daily use: Machine Learning Notebooks

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