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Google Maps Web Services API wrapper for .NET

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NuGet page -

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This library wraps Google maps API.

You can easily query Google maps for Geocoding, Directions, Elevation, and Places.

NEW! Now you can easily show the results on a Static Google Map!

This Library is well documented and easy to use.

Code sample -

using GoogleMapsApi;
using GoogleMapsApi.Entities.Common;
using GoogleMapsApi.Entities.Directions.Request;
using GoogleMapsApi.Entities.Directions.Response;
using GoogleMapsApi.Entities.Geocoding.Request;
using GoogleMapsApi.Entities.Geocoding.Response;
using GoogleMapsApi.StaticMaps;
using GoogleMapsApi.StaticMaps.Entities;

//Static class use (Directions) (Can be made from static/instance class)
DirectionsRequest directionsRequest = new DirectionsRequest()
    Origin = "NYC, 5th and 39",
    Destination = "Philladephia, Chesnut and Wallnut",

DirectionsResponse directions = GoogleMaps.Directions.Query(directionsRequest);

//Instance class use (Geocode)  (Can be made from static/instance class)
GeocodingRequest geocodeRequest = new GeocodingRequest()
    Address = "new york city",
var geocodingEngine = GoogleMaps.Geocode;
GeocodingResponse geocode = geocodingEngine.Query(geocodeRequest);

// Static maps API - get static map of with the path of the directions request
StaticMapsEngine staticMapGenerator = new StaticMapsEngine();

//Path from previos directions request
IEnumerable<Step> steps = directions.Routes.First().Legs.First().Steps;
// All start locations
IList<ILocationString> path = steps.Select(step => step.StartLocation).ToList<ILocationString>();
// also the end location of the last step

string url = staticMapGenerator.GenerateStaticMapURL(new StaticMapRequest(new Location(40.38742, -74.55366), 9, new ImageSize(800, 400))
    Pathes = new List<GoogleMapsApi.StaticMaps.Entities.Path>(){ new GoogleMapsApi.StaticMaps.Entities.Path()
            Style = new PathStyle()
                    Color = "red"
            Locations = path
Console.WriteLine("Map with path: " + url);

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