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Apple HomeKit accessory server library for ESP-OPEN-RTOS.

See esp-homekit-demo for examples.

Building for ESP-IDF >= 4.0

In ESP-IDF >= 4.0 there is a SPI flash write protection that checks if area written to is inside writable parition. Haven't figured out yet how esp-homekit can modify parition table automatically, so for the time being you need to disable that check in menuconfig: go to Component config -> SPI Flash driver -> Write to dangerous flash regions and set it to "Allowed".

QR code pairing

You can use a QR code to pair with accessories. To enable that feature, you need to configure accessory to use static password and set some setup ID:

homekit_server_config_t config = {
    .accessories = accessories,
    .password = "123-45-678",

The last piece of information you need is accessory category code. You can find it in mDNS announcement in accessory logs

mDNS announcement: Name=Sample LED-1692md=MyLEDpv=1.0id=16:92:CE:D4:EE:7Ac#=1s#=1ff=0sf=1ci=5 Port=5556 TTL=4500

(notice "ci=5" <- this is accessory category code)

Or just find value of category enum you set in main accessory:

  HOMEKIT_ACCESSORY(.id=1, .category=homekit_accessory_category_lightbulb, .services=(homekit_service_t*[]){

(notice "homekit_accessory_category_lightbulb" <- this is accessory category code)

Then you need to generate QR code using supplied script:

tools/gen_qrcode 5 123-45-678 1QJ8 qrcode.png

QR code example

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