The Pursuit Demo

3D racing with physics powered by Marmalade SDK and Bullet Physics
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
9 years agomitC++
NxOgre is a physics connector library between the NVIDIA PhysX physics library and Ogre or any other 2D/3D rendering system.
Source Sdk Bullet Physics14
2 years ago1mitC++
Bullet Physics Injection for Source SDK 2013
Starling Nape9
11 years agoActionScript
Adobe Flash: provides an example of using the Nape physics engine and the Starling 2D game framework.
The Pursuit Demo9
6 years agomitGLSL
3D racing with physics powered by Marmalade SDK and Bullet Physics
Lime Tutorials7
9 years agoLua
Lime Tutorials from but updated to work with the latest lime and corona SDK
Boost Python Bullet6
8 years ago7mitC++
Thin boost based python wrapper for bullet physics sdk
Selerio Arkit Basics5
4 years agolgpl-3.0Swift
A sample app using the Selerio SDK for AR
Draggin Framework5
6 years agomitLua
A framework for use with the MOAI SDK.
12 years ago1Lua
A Corona SDK application that lets Corona developers scratch out coordinate sets for polygonal physics bodies
8 years ago1C#
A Google Cardboard app using Unity that visualises concepts in physics.
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The Pursuit Demo

The other my old stuff. 3D racing with physics powered by Marmalade SDK and Bullet Physics.
Released the demo version for mobile platforms: BlackBerry, Android and iOS.

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YouTube Video:

BlackBerry World:
Play Store:
Apple iTunes:
Amazon App Store:

I think you will have no difficulties, if you want to build this sources, but for this you need the Marmalade SDK license, and then everything is simple if you follow the instructions.


  For Windows:
    - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (or 2012) Express Edition
    - Marmalade SDK

  For iOS:
    - Xcode 4.6.3
    - Marmalade SDK

How to build:

    - Download and install Python 2.7
    - Download extension xlrd 0.8.0 from
    - Extract this archive and run the command 'python install'
    - Run the script makedata.bat from folder 'scripts'
    - Open race3d.mkb from 'project/race3d' or run the script run_project.bat from 'scripts'

Important notes:

  1. Install Java SDK 6, not 7 for Android build
  2. For Windows Phone 8 build you need to install Windows 8 x64 and run 'run_project_win8.bat'


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