Selerio Arkit Basics

A sample app using the Selerio SDK for AR
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Welcome to Selerio demo app for iOS!

All of Selerio features are fully integrated with ARKit. You can use the new features Selerio provide as well as all the ARKit functionalities you know and love!


Getting started

  • Clone this repo

  • call pod install from the root directory. Cocoapods needs to be installed.

  • Open the project in xcode by clicking on SelerioARKitBasics.xcworkspace

  • Get your SDK API Key from our Console

  • Modify selerioAPIKey inside ViewController.swift with your own API Key.

  • Build the project and run it on an ARKit compatible iOS device (iPhone7 and above)

  • Join us and others on Slack, for quick support!

Minimum requirements: Xcode >=10.0, iOS >=12.0

Occlusion & Physics

Occlusion and Physics are automatically enabled for free, for mapped areas. No need for extra setup.

Modifying the AR filter

Edit the function func nodeForSmartAnchor(_ anchor: ARSmartAnchor) -> SCNNode in the ViewController to attach AR filters to the objects of you choice. Objects we currently support are: laptop, bottle, cup, bowl, chair, couch, etc.

Additional Documentation


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