Macosx Sdks

A collection of those pesky SDK folders: MacOSX10.1.5.sdk thru MacOSX11.3.sdk
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Weex18,12814822a month ago28October 19, 201654apache-2.0C++
A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI
Firebase Ios Sdk4,652
7,32710 hours ago206July 11, 2023369apache-2.0Objective-C
Firebase SDK for Apple App Development
5 days ago100gpl-2.0C++
Mac OS X cross toolchain for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Android (Termux)
Macosx Sdks2,285
a year ago20
A collection of those pesky SDK folders: MacOSX10.1.5.sdk thru MacOSX11.3.sdk
Aws Sdk Ios1,628
848 days ago211August 22, 202399otherObjective-C
AWS SDK for iOS. For more information, see our web site:
Ios Cmake1,625
22 days ago22bsd-3-clauseCMake
A CMake toolchain file for iOS, macOS, watchOS & tvOS C/C++/Obj-C++ development
110 months ago1November 23, 20175mitSwift
🔄 GravitySlider is a beautiful alternative to the standard UICollectionView flow layout.
Moai Dev908
6 months ago164C++
This is the development repo of Moai SDK.
Chat Sdk Ios893
52 months ago109May 15, 202245otherObjective-C
Chat SDK iOS - Open Source Mobile Messenger
Stream Chat Swift751
110 hours ago155April 04, 202214otherSwift
💬 iOS Chat SDK in Swift - Build your own app chat experience for iOS using the official Stream Chat API
Alternatives To Macosx Sdks
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10.1.5 - 11.3

A collection of those pesky SDK folders. Compiled from various releases of Xcode.

If you don't need this entire repository, each SDK is available here.

Outdated versions: mediafire / / mediafire /


Modern versions of Xcode (7.3+) need you to edit the MinimumSDKVersion in this file to use older SDKs: /Applications/


Set the SDKROOT environment variable:

export SDKROOT=path-to-old-sdk

If you put an old SDK in a nonstandard path, Apple's hacks in /usr/bin which redirect to calling Apple's tools in the XCode installation may fail. If your build system fails to find the compiler, explicitly specify its path:

export CC="/Applications/"
export CXX="/Applications/"

If you are building a project with CMake, using the default Unix Makefile generator may fail to find the real make binary even if you put it in your $PATH before /usr/bin. To hack around this, install Ninja in your $PATH and use the Ninja CMake generator by running your CMake configure step with:

cmake -G Ninja -S project-root-dir -B build-output-dir
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