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Package strit (STRing ITerator) assists in development of string processing pipelines by providing a simple iteration model that allows for easy composition of processing stages.


Suppose we want to develop a function that reads a file line by line, removes leading and trailing whitespace from each line, selects only non-empty lines that also do not start with the # symbol, and stores those lines in a slice of strings. Using the Go standard library one possible implementation of the function may look like this:

func ReadConfig(fileName string) ([]string, error) {
	file, err := os.Open(fileName)

	if err != nil {
		return nil, err

	defer file.Close()

	var res []string
	src := bufio.NewScanner(file)

	for src.Scan() {
		line := bytes.TrimSpace(src.Bytes())

		if len(line) > 0 && line[0] != '#' {
			res = append(res, string(line))

	if err = src.Err(); err != nil {
		return nil, err

	return res, nil

Using strit package the implementation can be simplified down to:

func ReadConfig(fileName string) ([]string, error) {
	return strit.FromFile(fileName).


More examples:

  • Naïve grep:
func main() {
	_, err := strit.FromReader(os.Stdin).
			WriteSepTo(os.Stdout, "\n")

	if err != nil {
		os.Stderr.WriteString(err.Error() + "\n")
  • Recursively find all the filesystem entries matching the given regular expression:
func selectEntries(root string, re *regexp.Regexp) ([]string, error) {
	return FromDirWalk(root, nil).Filter(re.Match).Strings()
  • Build a list of .flac files in the given directory, annotating each name with its corresponding track number from FLAC metadata:
func namesWithTrackNumbers(dir string) ([]string, error) {
	return strit.FromDir(dir, func(info os.FileInfo) bool { return info.Mode().IsRegular() }).

func prependTrackNo(file []byte) ([]byte, error) {
	name := string(file)

	no, err := strit.FromCommand(exec.Command("metaflac", "--list", "--block-type=VORBIS_COMMENT", name)).
		FirstNonEmpty(func(s []byte) []byte {
			if m := match(s); len(m) == 2 {
				return m[1]

			return nil

	if err != nil {
		return nil, err

	if len(no) == 0 {
		return []byte("???: " + filepath.Base(name)), nil

	return []byte(no + ": " + filepath.Base(name)), nil

var match = regexp.MustCompile(`tracknumber=([[:digit:]]+)$`).FindSubmatch

Project status

The project is in a beta state. Tested on Linux Mint 19.1, with Go version 1.12. Should also work on other platforms supported by Go runtime, but currently this is not very well tested.

License: BSD

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