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A JavaScript Data Structure Library

Buckets is a complete, fully tested and documented data structure library written in pure JavaScript.

Included data structures

Buckets also includes several functions for manipulating arrays.

Supported platforms

  • Every desktop and mobile browser (including IE6)
  • Node.js

If it supports JavaScript, it probably supports buckets.

Downloading Buckets

Download directly

Then, add it as a script tag to your page:

<script src="buckets.js"></script>
  var aSet = new buckets.Set();

Or install bucketsjs using bower

bower install bucketsjs

Or use an AMD loader

require(["./bower/bucketsjs/buckets.js"], function(buckets) {
  var hm = new buckets.Dictionary();

Or install buckets-js using npm

npm install buckets-js

In Node.js: var buckets = require('buckets-js');.


var a = new buckets.Set();
var b = new buckets.Set();
a.union(b); // {1,2}

Read the documentation.

Building Buckets

There's nothing else you need to use buckets. However, this guide may help you if you wish to contribute to the project or modify it.

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