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Add a ReactJS admin GUI to any RESTful API. Deprecated: see admin-on-rest for a full rewrite
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Ng Admin React551
14 years ago1April 05, 2018JavaScript
Add a ReactJS admin GUI to any RESTful API. Deprecated: see admin-on-rest for a full rewrite
a year ago13agpl-3.0Shell
Web-based ZooKeeper UI / editor / browser
22 days ago28JavaScript
Kreya is a GUI client for gRPC and REST APIs with innovative features for environments, authorizations and more.
Json Server Gui172
5 years ago4JavaScript
GUI for json-server
Tensorflow Chatbot86
a year agoPython
Tensorflow chatbot which is capable of interacting with user through Rest Api, Web interface, GUI and CLI.
Abr Broadcaster66
3 years ago2apache-2.0Python
A real time encoder for Adaptive Bitrate Broadcast
Rest Web Ui5711a year ago1September 23, 20176mitJavaScript
REST Web GUI: A framework to create web portals w/o coding and w/o application servers
a year agoapache-2.0HTML
A Compendium of Testing Applications for Practicing Testing
a year ago2C++
Linux GUI клиент для работы с Яндекс.Диск (Yandex.Disk) через REST API
Aor Rich Text Input23
4 years ago14mitCSS
<RichTextInput> component for admin-on-rest, useful for editing HTML code in admin GUIs
Alternatives To Ng Admin React
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This code is no longer maintained. Feel free to fork it, but use it at your own risks.

ng-admin React Build Status

Add a ReactJS admin GUI to any RESTful API. Based on ng-admin.


This project is discontinued. PRs will not be merged.

We've published a full rewrite and commited to support it at admin-on-rest.


React-admin is be backwards compatible with ng-admin, which means that the API for describing an admin are be the same:

var ad = AdminDescription;
var app = ad.application('ng-admin backend demo') // application main title
    .baseApiUrl('http://localhost:3000/'); // main API endpoint

// define all entities at the top to allow references between them
var post = ad.entity('posts') // the API endpoint for posts will be http://localhost:3000/posts/:id
    .identifier(ad.field('id')); // you can optionally customize the identifier used in the api ('id' by default)

// set the application entities

// customize entities and views

    .icon('<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-file"></span>'); // customize the entity menu icon

post.dashboardView() // customize the dashboard panel for this entity
    .title('Recent posts')
    .order(1) // display the post panel first in the dashboard
    .limit(5) // limit the panel to the 5 latest posts
    .fields([ad.field('title').isDetailLink(true).map(truncate)]); // fields() called with arguments add fields to the view

    .title('All posts') // default title is "[Entity_name] list"
    .description('List of posts with infinite pagination') // description appears under the title
    .infinitePagination(true) // load pages as the user scrolls
        ad.field('id').label('ID'), // The default displayed name is the camelCase field name. label() overrides id
        ad.field('title'), // the default list field type is "string", and displays as a string
        ad.field('published_at', 'date'), // Date field type allows date formatting
        ad.field('views', 'number'),
        ad.field('tags', 'reference_many') // a Reference is a particular type of field that references another entity
            .targetEntity(tag) // the tag entity is defined later in this file
            .targetField(ad.field('name')) // the field to be displayed in this list
    .listActions(['show', 'edit', 'delete']);

        ad.field('title') // the default edit field type is "string", and displays as a text input
            .attributes({ placeholder: 'the post title' }) // you can add custom attributes, too
            .validation({ required: true, minlength: 3, maxlength: 100 }), // add validation rules for fields
        ad.field('teaser', 'text'), // text field type translates to a textarea
        ad.field('body', 'wysiwyg'), // overriding the type allows rich text editing for the body
        ad.field('published_at', 'date') // Date field type translates to a datepicker

    .title('Edit post "{{ entry.values.title }}"') // title() accepts a template string, which has access to the entry
    .actions(['list', 'show', 'delete']) // choose which buttons appear in the top action bar. Show is disabled by default
        post.creationView().fields(), // fields() without arguments returns the list of fields. That way you can reuse fields from another view to avoid repetition
        ad.field('tags', 'reference_many') // reference_many translates to a select multiple
            .cssClasses('col-sm-4'), // customize look and feel through CSS classes
        ad.field('views', 'number')
        ad.field('comments', 'referenced_list') // display list of related comments

post.showView() // a showView displays one entry in full page - allows to display more data than in a a list
        post.editionView().fields(), // reuse fields from another view in another order
        ad.field('custom_action', 'template')

Running blog backend admin demo locally

Using browser package

make install-blog
make run-blog

The application is now available at http://localhost:8080/.

Using server package

cd examples/blog
make install
make run

The application is now available at http://localhost:8088/.

Rebuilding the Compiled JS and CSS Files

Concatenate and minify the app with:

make build

All build files will then be updated and minified, ready for production.


react-admin has unit tests (powered by jest) and end to end tests (powered by protractor). Launch the entire tests suite by calling:

make test

Run only unit tests suite:

make test-unit

Run only one unit test by calling, for example:

./ __tests__/autoloaderTest.js
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