Is Service Up

Monitor the status of all your cloud services in one page
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IsServiceUp helps you monitor all the cloud services you rely on in a single web page.

You can customize it with the services you want to monitor and host it on your own server.

Sorry, Compose, bad timing 😄

How to run

Using Docker

docker-compose up --build

and you're up and running! ✨

List of services

You can customize very easily the list of services you want to monitor by editing the variable SERVICES in the config file.

How to contribute

If you want to add something to the project, please fork this repository and create a Pull request.

Extend it with a new service

The way services are handled is based on a plugin system, so monitoring a new service is straightforward: you can either file a feature request and hope that someone will implement the plugin, or you can implement it yourself. If you do decide to implement a plugin for a new service, we'd be thankful if you could share it with everyone by creating a pull request on this repository...thanks!

Of course, creating a plugin for a new service is only possible if the service exposes a status page. Find that out first.

Next, figure out if the status page is built using Atlassian StatusPage. If that's the case, check out this commit for an example on how to create your plugin.

If it's a more generic status page, then the implementation depends on the specific service. If you're lucky, the status will be exposed through a beautiful API, like in the case of GitHub. Otherwise, find your inspiration from all others services that we have implemented for you. Good luck! 📡


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