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OSM <-> Wikidata matching

This repo contains scripts to aid in manually matching OSM IDs to Wikidata IDs. See for details.


Use node version >= 6

  • npm link
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • match-wikidata-osm --file input.csv


batch-match.js takes a CSV of places and queries Overpass for OSM features, then Wikidata for neighboring entities, runs a match based on geographic distance and levenshtein distance. It finally writes the possible matches into a CSV for manual verification.

node batch-match.js --file input.csv

input.csv is expected in this format:

City, longitude, latitude, wikidata_id, radius, threshold distance

City: name of the city for which the neighbourhoods around it are looked for

Longitude: Longitude value at the centre of the city

Latitude: Latitude value at the centre of the city

wikidata_id: Wikidata id of the city

Radius: Distance to query from the centre of the city

Threshold distance: Maximum distance around osm feature which needs to be looked for potential wikidata matches. For example, when looking for a match for a neighbourhood, this value could go low upto 2 km. But when looking for a match for a country or so, this value can go high upto 500 km.

Note: See an example input file under test folder.

batch-match.js uses the following pieces:


Queries Overpass for OSM features around a particular coordinate. See query.ql for the query. Radius is in kilometers. Returns results as CSV.


Queries Wikidata for features around a particular Wikidata entity defined by a radius.

Take OSM features and wikidata features and uses distance as well as fuzzy name matching to predict potential matches and generates a CSV for manual review.

One can also use the above three scripts in a standalone manner.


For querying wikidata, use the following command. It will generate city_name_wiki.csv.

node query.js wikidata city_name wikidata_id radius

For querying overpass, use the following command. It will generate city_name_osm.csv.

node query.js overpass city_name longitude latitude radius

For creating match between osm csv and wiki csv, use the following command.

python osmCSV wikiCSV Threshold distance

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