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Your hotkeys for various apps in 'dmenu' style.


This app allows you to prepare cheat sheet of hotkeys from your apps in simple menu with search.






This app needs below apps as a GUI, so install one of these first.

  • dmenu
  • rofi


From pip

This app works on Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, so the best choice is installation using pip

pip install --user dmenu-hotkeys

then you could run it by typing in console


From git repo

Clone repository

git clone [email protected]:maledorak/dmenu-hotkeys.git .

and run script in bin dir like this


How to use

Run menu with hotkeys

  1. Add the following comment line before hotkey line which you want to use in your app config file.


    • bspwm: # %%hotkey: Some description of the following hotkey %%
    • i3: # %%hotkey: Some description of the following hotkey %%
    • openbox: <-- %%hotkey: Some description of the following hotkey %% -->

    Notice: For full configuration file examples check test/fixtures directory

  2. Run the dmenu-hotkeys

    dmenu_hotkeys run --menu [dmenu|rofi] --app [bspwm|i3|openbox]
  3. Check help if you want to know more

    dmenu_hotkeys run --help

Override dmenu-hotkeys configuration file

If you want to change default configuration paths for apps (i3, openbox, etc) you should override dmenu-hotkeys config file.

dmenu_hotkeys copy-config

The default path for the overridden configuration file is


You could change it

dmenu_hotkeys copy-config --dest some/path/config.cfg

But since then you always should run dmenu-hotkeys with this new path

dmenu_hotkeys run --menu [dmenu|rofi] --app [i3|openbox] --config-path some/path/config.cfg

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