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HTTP Web Proxy - full-fledged, self-hosted proxy to access blocked websites

Demo (Terminated by Heroku)


Deploying This Application

  • Fork this repo

  • Update .godir to match your forked repo url

Deploy to heroku

heroku create -b
Creating polar-harbor-5778... done, stack is cedar-14
Git remote heroku added
  • Push the code to Heroku
git push heroku master

Deploy to OpenShift by Red Hat

rhc app create myproxy --from-code <forked-github-repo-url>
Your application 'myproxy' is now available.
  SSH to:     <hash>
  Git remote: ssh://<hash>
  • Open the above URL in your browser

  • Login to your OpenShift console and you should see an application created


  • Most AJAX requests are proxied

  • Supports Sessions, Cookies, Logging-In on most websites


  • GMail and YouTube don't work

Why ?

  • To learn Golang

  • To create a simple to deploy yet powerful proxy


@Omie for pushing me to learn Go and introducing me to Heroku and OpenShift

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